I’m a scientist…no offense, Actual Scientists

After yesterday’s post about shit, I thought I would next polish and post one of the drafts I have in the queue about a guy I dated who turned out to be a shit or treated me shitty.


Which is more grammatically correct?

Regardless, I couldn’t pick which draft or guy would deserve that honor or privilege, so just to avoid the decision I am sharing this random, irrelevant and mostly narcissistic thought about my favorite topic.

Not Mac & Cheese.

No..not beer.  Did you even read the last blog?  Thanks for picking that scab.


For some reason, I thought it would be nice to get my blog more widely read.  Gotta get those likes, right?  So, being the man of science that I am, I thought, “How does one do?” and decided that I was going to have to make a scientifically deeper dive into social media.

The Beautiful/Broken Poet has recently begun a Tumblr page for his work.  He also linked his work to Facebook (done) and Twitter…I don’t Tumbl or Tweet so I was at a loss.  I had an account on the Twitter for a long while a long while back.  All that ever happened was that it got hacked and I was changing my password more often than I was Tweeting, so I gave the Twitter the bird and deleted my profile on that app.  Not sure I want to repeat the same frustrations before I’ve exhausted my grumpy old man rage on each social opportunity equally…so, I figured I needed to decide whether I wanted to go with reddit or Pinterest.

Just kidding.  Pinterest can suck it.

I’m a redditor, Harry!

Now, because I am a crappy scientist, I didn’t actually check my baseline before beginning this experiment, but I know – I dunno…from September? – that previously my reader footprint had been strictly US based.

After posting the first blog to reddit – Grain Freeze – last night, I waited an appropriate amount of time – which turned out to be the amount of time required for a couple of showers, a little of “the hush, the bad” with my Poet, some sleep, a little coffee run – and checked my stats to see if there was any lift.

Traffic is marginally up, so I immediately decided to throw another blog on the reddit fire.  I tossed a dating blog on the Gaybros page and got an immediate comment!  Don’t get too excited, it was an auto-post from the moderator of the Gaybros page saying they didn’t allow posts from new users.  So much for Gaybros, but also exactly the precious behavior I would expect from a group of the gays.  Which is why I find so much material and inspiration for blog posts in my dating life.

I “donated” my Volunteerism blog to a reddit page dedicated to volunteering.  They were at least grateful enough to keep quiet.

When I checked some deeper statistics, it appeared that yes, my traffic was up, but my reader footprint was suddenly global!  Just this morning, I had picked up readers in Canada.  Not an unreasonable geographic leap.

Then I expanded the metrics to an overall view of the life of my lil corner of wordpress.

I had people in Mexico reading, not surprising…but now I can say I’m world (im)famous in North America.  Why anyone in Canada or Mexico would listen to an American about anything is slightly mysterious to me, but I will try to only improve the American image with my posts.  So there’s that.

Great Britain and Poland were surprise hits.  And while I would just like to think I’m worth random readership across the globe, I think the reality is that D/ and Other Chris are likely candidates for those clicks.  So, while my global footprint might not be the explosion my not-so-secret ego would like it to be, it is a good reminder of the fact that I have friends that I adore across the globe who might feel a twinge of the same emotions for me.

That’s a much better footprint to leave behind than interweb fame.

I’m a scientist…no offense, Actual Scientists

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