International Luster Wearing Thin-ish Things

Is it weird that in a week where I see international readers I doubt their validity?

I’ve broached this topic before when readers from the UK, Poland and India have happened upon my radar.  But in the last month Russia, Spain, Egypt Costa Rica and others have popped into my humble blog-dar.  

Chrisism, BTW.

That’s a lot of unearned international appeal, so you probably understand my skepticism.  In earlier instances, I was able to trace clicks back to friends living or traveling abroad.  

In this case, in just gonna admit that I know of no one traveling in Russia or Spain, so there’s some legit clickage happening there.


Thank you!

As for Costa Rica???  I didn’t intend to publish things you shouldn’t read when you were traveling, but my mother and I have an awkward agreement about me notifying her about what she can and maybe can’t comfortably read.  

Well, fuck me for assuming that her extra-continental activities would push a figurative pause on her reading my blog.  But sure enough, someone in Costa Rica – where she and my father happen to be traveling – is clicking away, reading my blog posts.

I love you mom and dad, but go buy and deforest a rainforest like all the other middle-aged white people in underdeveloped countries.  Hehe.

Also, sorry Costa Rica…I just assumed you knew you were underdeveloped.

As for my parents…don’t really buy up rainforests to develop, just go zip lining or something similar, you crazy kids.

By the way…the title is a nod to Jesus Jones’ International Bright Young Thing from my pupae period of development in the 80s.  YouTube it.

International Luster Wearing Thin-ish Things

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