I Quit A Job Today…

Not that I had a job today.  Still gainfully unemployed…but I had an interview at least.  My second of three interviews this week.  However, I called it off.


In my mind, a very good reason:  it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Why did I apply, you might wonder.  It was an accident.  I found the position on Craigslist in the retail section of the Jobs Wanted page.

So, second reason for canceling would be ethics.

Here’s the deal, I applied for this job and it basically was a vague job posting, which usually indicates that there is someone in position that won’t be there much longer.  Really, looking at the ad through that context made me not think anything of it.  However, once I received the address, I realized what had happened.

The old Bait and Switch move.

I was getting my clothes ready to go and thought, before I get dressed, let’s just figure out exactly where I’m going.


Ugh…deep Vantucky.


That can’t be right.

I know I did not apply for an Insurance job.

I looked at the address to see if it was a strip mall type building with different businesses within; the Insurance Agency just being the anchor business or something of that unlikely sort tricking my Google search.


So, I went back to the emails to see if I had missed some information.

No…but now that I looked more critically at the emails, there was no signature line attached to them.  Just a name and email, no business entity.

Ok, maybe that should have been a red flag.  But, good old Xtopher wants to work, so fuck me for being optimistic.

Not that Insurance is a bad gig.  It’s just that I’ve done Banking and Financial Service jobs before and they just aren’t my thing.  Too heavily regulated.  I’m not that disciplined of a guy, so unwanted suit-and-tie atmosphere aside, I wouldn’t be comfortable in an industry that is 180 degrees from what my unstructured personality is – I just know this about myself.  What I’ve learned over three decades working is that my most successful employees have had a passion for what they were doing.  I’m applying that principle to my own job search.

I know I’m fortunate to be able to somewhat pick and choose jobs.

But here’s the real deal.  I mentioned earlier the bad ethics of this manner of luring good talent into your workforce.


Why would I want to work with someone that displayed such poor integrity in their search for help.  I think of interviewing – from either side – as similar to dating.  You’re both getting to know one another to see if there is a potential for a longer relationship.

Well, think about your last bad date – or in my case – any of my 2016 dates.

Did they look like their profile pictures?

Were they on time?

Did they make some sort of effort to be cordial and engaging?

Or, as in this particular scenario, did they tell a nice, fat lie – even if it’s just one of omission – to get you to the table?

The kicker for me, was that this business was – in my opinion – using deception to source talent by placing their ad in an inappropriate category.

Deception = Lie.

Did I mention this is a Financial Services job?

Yeah, the guy is gonna skirt honesty in order to hire employees.  How do I think he’s going to treat his customers?  With integrity, honesty and a genuine concern for their best interests?

Doesn’t seem likely.

My assumption is that, like any first date situation, he’s putting his best foot forward, right?  Well, in this case, his best foot is calloused, overgrown and curly toenailed, fungus-y and croc covered.

Screw that.

Plus, deep Vantucky…who needs that?

So, I sent a nice email explaining my position.  Here’s me, not holding my breath for a response.

Send money.

I Quit A Job Today…

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