You know, I used to write this little blog called AtLeastIHaveAFrigginGlass on blogspot, and my last entry on the 2016 election got me thinking about a post that I wrote there the morning after the 2008 election, resulting in our first African American president.

That there was some bad English…to be clear, the election resulted in the first Black president, not the blog I wrote.  That didn’t swing anything.

That installment of atleastihaveafrigginglass went on longer than I thought but overall contained fewer blog posts than it’s current wordpress incarnation…although a surprising number of them were political, I was surprised to realize once I thought about the prior post today and went looking for this little rant on the abandoned predecessor.

I think it’s likely that the 2016 election cycle will culminate in our country’s first female Commander in Chief, so I started thinking about how it was a second first in a string of firsts…the first African American president and now Hillary.

Or, probably Hillary.

And if not, our first Jewish president.  Right?  He would be, wouldn’t he?  This is exactly why I shouldn’t write about politics, I don’t have that deep dive knowledge to qualify me for the task.  Unlike dating or *dating* 20-somethings…on which I could be a Six Sigma Subject Matter Expert.

And if not our first female or Jewish president, well, our second president made up completely of asshole.

Anyway, it was fun to look at the old blog while I was trying to find my entry on Obama’s win back in 2008.  I’ll have to spend a little more time there over the next couple of weeks…but you know, I’m very busy.

Yeah…that’s a lie.


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