Harp Blog

I’m at my local watering hole, catching up with The Silver Fox.

We’re talking about homeless peeps in the park, aka: our mutual front yard.

Don’t worry, we’re drinking.

So there we are, discussing how our current mayor has failed to follow up with his sophomore promise to clean up the Park Blocks of the homeless peeps population.

I guess – but don’t really care, despite recent dreams (wait for it…) – that it needs to happen.  Besides the normal drug and homeless dog detritus, last year we had daylight homeless people park coitus.

No bueno. 

I defend my not caring by saying “But one of them plays the harp.”  Mouth harp, I mean.  

Harm Monica.

At that point, I follow the Fox’s gaze out the window as a woman with an infectious smile walks by.

Carrying an actual harp.


My life.

Harp Blog

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