I seem to be excelling at putting things off til tomorrow these days.

Putting the “pro” in procrastination, if you will.

I think it’s really about putting off going to the gym, that’s such a rabbit hole for me.  I’m trying to develop hobbies, it’s feast or famine for me.  I work, I exercise, I drink, I read, I write – occasionally.  Even that has been subject to my erratically occasional compulsive nature.  

Much like exercise.

More like drinking, my most consistent pastime.  Well, probably more of a bad habit.

I call work a hobby, albeit a totally necessary pleasure.  To keep it in that class would be to use it to perfectly illustrate the obsessive focus I can put into a leisurely activity.  At the same time, I frequently grow tired of the intensity I have around my job, and like my other hobbies feel the urge to walk away from it for a while…not giving into that temptation reminds me that I have a little discipline, at least.

Reading is the safest hobby I obsess about.  The greatest risk being that I stay up later than I should.

But, when I’m not indulging one of these activities…I – almost literally – do nothing.  Essentially that means Netflix binges and my social media addiction are nothing.

So, I am trying to create hobbies for myself.  Little things that I can enjoy, but that also create routine that I can build into healthy, non-compulsive behaviors with my other hobbies.

So, I planted a pot garden on my little balcony.

Someone let my mother know that I mean the other kind of pot, the one synonymous with “planter” versus the largest growth business venture in Oregon at the moment.  And, by God…please help her off the floor.

It’s a wee little balcony.  Larger than a Juliette, smaller than a – y’know – real balcony.

I’ve always considered myself a green thumb, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve neglected that gift in recent years.  More often than not my horticultural gift has manifested itself in an inside potted plant or two…which might have suffered through random waterings at my hand before their ultimate demise at the paws of one of my feline companions.

It all began a couple of weeks back when I passed by a lavender themed shop after coffee with The Fox that was actually selling lavender plants from a sidewalk display.  Meager little things for $10 that prompted my ejaculation, “I’ve always wanted a lavender plant!”  The Fox pishaw-ed the cost versus value of my impulse purchase, citing the obvious poor health of the specimen in question.

This prompted a trip to Mississippi Avenue to visit one of my favorite nurseries from when I lived up in NoPo before the turn of the century.  I picked up both of these lavender plants – one larger in bloom and the other a 4″ aspirational bloomer to give me present and future rewards.

I also picked up a couple of succulents, inspired by The Fox and his recent window box endeavors.  

And, having planted those I dusted off my hands, patted myself on the back for softening the hard edges of my city home and left those poor bastards to their own devices on my balcony.

Then we had two mini heatwaves.

Damn my sense of responsibility and empathy.  I watered the fuckers.

They still had the nerve to look haggard during our recent three day 100 degree weekend.

But, that weekend was also Tomatofest at work.  Tomatoes being just the tip of the iceberg, we also had basil and mozzarella for pairing with the samples of our tomato varieties…and olive oil from the only olive orchard in the PNW, which just happens to be an hour or so outside of Portland.

The owner brought some props to decorate her table…which is how I came by this little beauty:

Now I have an olive tree.

An actual olive tree!

So, there’s that.

But it needed a pot to replace the plastic 1-gallon job that it came to me in.  The Fox was game to indulge me on a mission to secure the perfect vessel.

Somehow, that mission also included a couple additional succulents.

And now, the objective is to find a maintenance routine for them to enhance their chances of survival.  The goal not just being thriving plants, but also a healthy sense of balance between the eventual time share I think my hobbies need to really put my life in balance instead of the current pendulum swing I experience between the hobby du jour.

Speaking of enhancements, as this urban neighborhood I call home continues to evolve the view from my balcony changes.  Here it is just this afternoon.

It’s a big change from the three story abandoned warehouses that I looked over from my fourth floor perch just months ago.

In the future my view will be the fourth floor atrium of this hotel they are slapping up in my back yard.  The board of my condo was able to help negotiate a green wall for the floors below mine in place of the initially proposed cement wall and also ensure the atrium was lush and verdant.

I’m quite excited to see how that manifests itself, but in the meantime I’ve given myself and the construction workers next door something to inspire them.

They’ve given me this:

So there’s that.

Luckily, as you’ve seen in the pictures, I have a few spare empty pots to further enhance my view.


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