Blest Friends

“So, what are you gonna do for three days without me?” The Silver Fox asked me as we’re walking back from our morning coffee session.

Our conversation this morning was part therapy session, part solving the worlds problems.  

All in a days work.  

What was different about today was that it was our last chance to hang out until he returns on Tuesday.  He’s heading for Seattle for his granddaughter’s first birthday.

“I dunno.  Probably the same stuff I’d do with you around: coffee, gym, writing, beer.  All the basics.”  I am actually trying to complete a kind of tryptich of blog entries and secretly hope this weekend gives me the time to put some work into them.

“Well, you have fun” he says as he crosses the street into the park between our two buildings.

“You drive safe”, I reply.  “Actually, let someone else drive!”

I couldn’t resist that little taunt.  The Fox is my best friend and I’m truly fortunate to have someone who knows me so well and can still – somehow – actually tolerate me.  

Why am I hard to tolerate?  

Lots of reasons.

Mostly, they just boil down to what makes me an individual.  But to paraphrase the prophet Andy Warhol, I’m deeply superficial.

So, you gotta take the good – my occasional depth – with the bad Galby.  The bad being that I just can’t resist fucking with him.  And for the last couple of months I have been enjoying his defensiveness over a comment I tossed out during a grumpy old Xtopher moment while we were driving somewhere a couple months back.

That’s a long game.

During that time he’s begun making preemptive comments about his driving and even opted to make me drive a couple of other times.  

A good defense strategy.  Very enjoyable.  For me.

Today, the stars just aligned with his weekend road trip.

But, really, I should let him off the hook after this.  He is my best friend, after all.  

What he doesn’t actually know is that I get uncomfortable riding in the front seat with almost anyone else driving.  I just don’t like that feeling of not being in control.  But he’s a multi-tasking sonofagun, even when he drives and that does tend to make me a little more uncomfortable.  Mostly because on the rare occasion that I drive, I’m super focused since it’s not a skill that’s second nature to me any longer.  The Fox actually teases me about how focused I am while driving.  He particularly enjoys that I drive about 5 miles per hour under the speed limit…just like a proverbial old lady.

So, what am I actually doing with my free time?

So far, I’m binge-watching Supernatural.

Cuz I’m a prize.

Have I mentioned my Roman name lately?  Procrastinates…but I’m a lucky sonofabitch to have a bestie like The Fox.

Blest Friends

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