What’s With the Xenophobia, America?

Seriously.  Is it just me or are there a lot of people whining about immigration these days?

I’m pretty sure I recall several instance of Donald Trump screaming about Crooked Hillary wanting to allow 550% more Syrian refugees into America than Obama committed to.

The humanity.

Re-read that in a tone that drops irony and derision.

Obama had agreed to accept 10,000 – I thought it was 50,000 for some reason, but it’s only 10,000 according to Google – Syrian refugees.  Geez, that’s tedious to keep typing, I wish there was a way to shorthand that.  Acronyms won’t help here, SR…what about seniors?  Too confusing.

I know, let’s just call them…PEOPLE.

So Hillary wanted to accept 550% more PEOPLE than Obama.

You guys wanna do some math or are you too busy building border walls?

Ok, I’ll do it for you.  And since we’re prone to hyperbole these days, I’m using my number.

550% of 50,000 is 275,000.


That’s actually 4,000 fewer PEOPLE than actual people who voted in the General Election in Washington DC last week.

What’s the big deal?

I know…

Let’s blame France.

And that’s the pic I posted to a friend’s (acquaintance’s) Facebook page when she complained about immigration and blamed the violence in the news today on PEOPLE.

Here’s the rest:

If you’re (global “you” not Name Redacted-specific-you) complaining about immigrants – legal or not – then I’m sorry you had the tragic misfortune of being born in America. A country founded by a bunch of immigrants. Who then went butt-wild and set to work taking over from the magnificent cultures that originally populated this land…ok, maybe there is a case to be made against immigration. Hehehe.  

But, still, even though there’s problems with immigration in America, it doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be immigration. And given my snarky observation, maybe the problems people purport to have with immigration isn’t racism or xenophobia…maybe it’s a healthy fear of karma.

Maybe it is some sixth sense certain people have.  These people that bleeding heart liberals such as myself label as racist might actually be the people that know the other shoe is about to drop and are instinctually trying to save us from ourselves 2.0.


They’re just a bunch of misguided asshats.

My friend-quaintance, for instance?  She’s a M2F trans-person who is – as she absolutely should be – ecstatic that the laws under the Affordable Care Act allow her to move forward in her transition covered by insurance.

I’m excited for her.  I think that’s the way it should be…yet, I don’t see how she can fail to grant other PEOPLE the same generosity of inclusion and acceptance that she lived without for much of her life.

And she’s not alone.  She’s just a case study.

Even more regularly occurring in this PEOPLE debate are normal people…white folks.  Middle aged, middle class middle Americans.  Your basic white folk.

Who knows what they’re afraid of.  After what we saw last week, we all know what those people can do when they somehow – miraculously and against all reason – manage to organize their mass delusion – er – hysteria.

If only we – the global “we” of white people – could admit that, yes, we did not do a good job of moving into this new country of ours back in the Mayflower days. Nor did we make it any better as we ignorantly moved westward crying manifest destiny while nearly wiping out the indigenous culture.  



Could we at least hope for some “third try’s the charm” mojo and not overcorrect and build a potentially literal wall around this stolen country we seem so terrified of losing to maybe 275,000 PEOPLE?


Maybe we can foist ’em off on those rubes in Canada.  Hehe.

What’s With the Xenophobia, America?

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