Fitfy:  49.3

Well, here I am, at the end of a rocky week three.  There were a lot of hurdles in the last week, some were discipline-type hurdles and others were just unpredictable life-type hurdles that you just have to accept…or in some cases, embrace.

To give you an idea of the kind of discipline obstacles in my path last week:  my commitment to myself is to post updates on Friday in order to keep myself accountable.

I posted on Saturday.

No biggie.  

The thing is that was kind of a double-whammy.  In and of itself, it’s not surprising for me to procrastinate.  It was the self-enabling manner in which it did it that was really bad:  I wanted to post after I went to the gym.


I tried that same thing today, but I am also working a half day on my routine day off.  When I didn’t make it to the gym before work I figured I better get started on the post on my ride home in case my local watering hole sucks me in on my walk home from the Max stop.


I did make it to the gym last Saturday and doubled down with an upper body workout and an hour of cardio.

And it was a good one…considering it was only my second week back on the elliptical.  Final tally 600 cal and 5.25 miles.  I mildly chided myself for my 12 minute mile pace, I can usually eek out a 10 minute machine mile when I’m in good shape.  

Then I reminded myself that my goal this year isn’t to be in good shape, it’s to be healthy and accept the shape of my healthy body.  A six pack of abs would be an easier goal to obtain since that’s really just about depriving myself of the foods and drink that I crave – fried chicken! – but changing my perspective on my body image is going to be hard!

I’m glad I was able to get that hour in at the beginning of my week because my daily walking average at work was only 5.2 miles…way down!  But, I did have two 12 hour days in there that were pretty physical.  

I’d call those days the type of lifestyle hurdles I just have to accept.  I had two days of visits at work, which tend to put me behind…by about two days.  So my Friday was a 12 hour day to get some catch up done on a project I’m working on.  Today I had meetings that couldn’t happen with my corporate peeps around, so Bob’s kind of your uncle, there.

But I’m off now.  Maybe I’ll hit the gym, maybe I’ll have a beer.

The suspense is killing me.

But if the beer wins out, I’ll embrace it.

Just like I embraced the free lunches that accompany the disruption of my normal work flow.  It’s a good offset.  I still took my sammies, but when my boss didn’t accept my attempts to demur the lunch invites, I left them in the cooler for another day and had a salad for lunch instead.  Them there sandwiches still got ate.

My favorite hurdle from the last week that I just had to embrace was Thursday night’s – also the reason I didn’t work out last Friday – Adam Ant concert.  I’ll post about it separately, but it was totally worth embracing!

So, gym-wise it was a pretty light week.  I think my takeaway there is that I failed to include goals in last week’s entry.  

I’m thinking of what I want to accomplish this week, but first, a small pat on the back.  

While my lunch regimen was a bit on the saucy salad dressing side, I only had one coffee drink last week versus my normal four to six.  So there’s that.  The replacement was <gasp> kombucha!  I also ate smaller potions at dinner and drank much less.


My Needle Man suggested – yet again – that I think seriously about supplementing my weekly acupuncture with yoga.  Especially if I’m gonna work out.  

I brushed it off.


Then a couple of days later, Groupon threw a yoga deal in front of me that just couldn’t be ignored.  Even if I don’t use them all.  Ten for $25 and it’s only five blocks from home.


Damn Groupon.

So, for next week:

Two days of lifting.

At least an hour of cardio; and…

One session of Yoga.

God help me.

Fitfy:  49.3

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