Here’s Something That Bugs Me…

Shocker, I know.  Me: bristling over some minutia.

A reasonably tempered individual probably wouldn’t even notice it.  That’s part of what I like to call my charm, noticing things others may not.

But here’s the deal, the water bottle refill station should really be on the lower of the two water fountains.  The one some folks would call the handicap water fountain.  It’s rarely used compared to its higher mounted neighbor.  Even short folk use the taller of the two fountains.


Probably because no one really thinks about what they’re doing when they do it.  My solid argument forvthat being the reason comes from watching people actually using the water fountain.  They choose the tall one and then align themselves to drink so their ass is cocked (you’re welcome, Diezel) to the left, blocking access to the handicap fountain.  

Obviously not thinking about what they’re doing and certainly unaware of how their presence impacts those around them.


Well, I’d hardly know…but I might have a theory.

Two actually.

First, we’re a culture full of people who deny realities.  I encounter this often when discussing myself.  Well, not discussing so much as openly criticizing.  I’ll make a weak comment like, “Ugh.  I’m fat!” to which people automatically respond in the contrary.

It’s ok.  I know.  My mirrors work.  

Also, I know I shouldn’t say shit like that about myself.  I’m trying to change my mindset by saying “I have fat” versus “I am fat”.  Small change, but it keeps the statement neutral.  It leaves it open to my body fat being something I can change versus a permanent condition.

So, what are people denying by using the taller water fountain?

That they are short, obviously.  This fountain would service people of any height.  I use it on those few occasions I forget my water bottle.  It gets my legs a nice stretch while I hydrate.  Realistically, it would be comfortable for anyone who stands at 5’8″ or less.  But, no.  Those lil Napoleon bastards gotta use the big boy fountain.

Secondly, we’re a fitness-obsessed culture.  Fitness = vigor, which stands in direct opposition to the perception of a person with a disability.  And there it is:  perception.  If we refer to the lower hanging water fountain as the handicap water fountain, we instinctively eschew it to avoid any perception that we might be handicapped.

Or, basically, we’re just a bunch of idiots.

So, that’s why the water bottle fill station should be mounted at the lower of thevtwo water fountains.  

Just my opinion.  

But, then again, so is the notion that we shouldn’t have drinking fountains in gyms. Rather, we should exclusively provide water bottle refill stations.  People who don’t know enough to come to the gym prepared to hydrate sufficient should be penalized.  Or, at the very least, I shouldn’t be penalized because this line of jokers in front of me didn’t bring their water bottles to the gym.

Here’s Something That Bugs Me…

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