Fitfy:  49.125

My earlier from-bed Fitfy entry failed to take into account the accounting I had begun earlier in the week.  It’s interesting to see that my initial thoughts as my allergies were still lingering in that cold/flu conundrum space proved consistent through week’s end.  So, allow me to polish up those thoughts and show them off.  They were much more good-focused, anyway versus the initial entry this morning.

I had a great week.

I had a not great week.

The challenge this past week was to be more Jane Fonda Workout than Leaving Las Vegas.  How hard could it be?

I’m off to a good start with some fine food choices at work.  Less syrupy coffee concoctions to get me going and more water.  

Ok, and soda.

My lunches were a mixed (brown) bag once again. Sandwiches and chips – and the aforementioned soda! – three days this week and lunch out the other two days.

Hey, it was free.  What do you expect me to do, complain?  Plus, I needed it.  The lunches out at work these days are with visiting executives, this week was LP…Loss Prevention, so the lunches out were earned.  Day one, I behaved and ordered a reasonable mid-sized salad versus the normal American-sized offering.  Y’know…then we fired someone – one of my favorite someones at work – and sent her off in cuffs, so day two of that visit involved some Cajun Mac & Cheese for lunch.

The larger portion,

Ah, emotional eating.

It’s better than the alternative: emotional drinking.

I was on my own most of the week, since The Silver Fox was off galavanting around the SoPo countryside with family, so there was no one for me to enjoy tempting with the drink…and so I mostly didn’t.  Of course, once he returned, he preempted my long overdue dinner with Dionne, who I hadn’t seen for months!  He shrewdly pointed out that I had almost an hour to kill before meeting him…plenty of time for a beer at Big Legrowlski.

Or, two.

Fortunately or un, those ended up being two of the new Barley Brown/Boneyard/Melvin three-way collaboration, aka: The Three-Headed Hop Monster IIPA which weigh in at a cool 9.1 ABV.


I wandered back into the BL as I finish up my morning errands…just for the photo op. 


Even with the smaller pours of the higher ABV beverages, I showed up for my dinner with Dionne plenty relaxed!

And proceeded to become more relaxed over the course of our catch up sesh and my fried chicken.

Hey, it was my Friday!

On everyone else’s Friday, the Monday Night Supper Club had its monthly meeting.  It was Diezel’s month to cook.  The Cajun and Canadian hosted at their home and Diezel brought a couple of bottles of his new favorite vino.  He buys it by the case…and it’s really that good.  He’d randomly picked it up a few months back for one of my dinners.  We all loved it.

Ironically, I’d been drinking/buying it at the lil wine shop around the corner from my place – Thelonius Wines.

Best beer one block away, incredible wine a block in the other direction…it really does not suck to live in Portland’s Pearl District!


Being completely efficient like any reasonable engineer of German heritage, Diezel pours out both bottles to the five attendees on the first go-round.  

“That’s a healthy pour” – Me, not complaining.


Although, I did experience a momentary panic amidst the relief that I felt knowing that I was getting my fair wine stake.  That panic was strictly concern over my ability to pace out a 9 oz pour over the course of the evening.  You’ll be glad to know that I walked away four hours later – head held high – sated and proud to say that I’d only had “one glass” of wine at dinner.

I’m not sure what to do with all this fairly intentional fucking balance I’m encountering in my life right now.  But I’m enjoying me.  That’s the point.

Week 12, that’s a wrap.

And, yeah…if you read 49.12, I did go to the gym this morning.

OMG.  There was the cutest guy there!

But that’s a story for a slimmer time.

Obviously, I still have work to do on this Fitfy journey.  But…less.

Fitfy:  49.125

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