Fitfy:  49.12



I feel this low-grade terrible all week, the emotional bright spot being that moment I could confidently declare “I’m not sick, it’s just allergies!”

Like that’s any real consolation.

The first day, Tuesday, I thought I was clearing out some gunk that acupuncture loosened up.  Wednesday, I took some Robitussen and felt way better.  But it didn’t feel right.  Thursday, I took some allergy medicine and ended my day determined to just muddle through after catching myself spacing out at my desk long enough for my screen saver to kick in.

While I’ve been struggling slightly due to oxygen deprivation, I’ve also realized that I have this kinda behind the scenes feeling of greatness going on, too.  I’ve accomplished a lot this week, emotionally.  I haven’t been working out, but I have been eating more intentionally.  The end result there is that I know I don’t look my best, but I accept the way I look as situational.

That’s the direction I wanted to go in when I started down this path of Fitfy: to make some healthy lifestyle changes but to also find a healthy mental balance in the physically manifested expectations I put on those changes so I could maintain them.

That said, my back, knee and ankle feel better than they have in as long as I can remember.  Make no mistake, the feelings I have in those areas of my body aren’t an absence of pain, by any means.  But, they are feelings of greater ranges of motion…which is a very positive sign for continued improvement.

Now, if I could just get my ass out of bed and drag it to the gym…if only as a symbol of mental discipline to the commitment I’ve made to myself.  Luckily, I’ve already texted my complaint about that impending appointment to The Fox and he’s begun some sort of countdown by replying, “We aren’t leaving for an hour!”

Something tells me that I won’t get out of this.  Silver Fox for the assist! 

Fitfy:  49.12

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