The Legacy of 45

Trump declared D.C. to be a swamp and promised to drain it.  Finding that to be – along with actual governing – just too gosh darned hard, he recanted.

No big deal, a broken campaign promise.  

One of many.

Little did we really suspect that swamp to actually become a festering septic tank on a hot August day.  But, here we are.

With his administration proving more and more dysfunctional by the day; significant traction in the Russia Investigation seemingly a freight train, and the last of the GOP politicos leaving his White House over the last week one has to wonder what significance his presidency will yield.

I have two predictions:

First, obviously, we learn our lesson about electing not just Washington outsiders, but also about voting in someone with less sense than their zero-level experience in politics aside from criticizing politicians.

Second, he’ll eliminate the threat of North Korea.  He’ll destroy the country in a way that makes Nagasaki and Hiroshima look like the Ohio State Fair.

Too soon?

Second, continued, with the anger issues and lack of impulse control he’s demonstrating, I doubt North Korea stands a chance against his recent fuck-the-sword-the-fingers-are-mightier-than-the-pen training.  You think turning a key, entering a – what, six or eight digit? – code and pushing a button is physically or morally more challenging to this guy than the 140 character assaults he sends out multiple times per day before dawn?

Yeah.  See ya in the afterlife, All Of North Korea.  Not to mention the collateral damage deaths in surrounding countries.

But, here’s the legacy part.  If he manages to fuck this up even somewhat less than anything else he’s set out to accomplish in his too-long presidency – just a little less, nothing crazy – then North Korea and its threat to world safety goes away.  


Gone in a mushroom cloud.

Then the world breathes easier, regardless of ideology, the level of support of or the approval of the dipshit behind the nuclear football.

The planetary road to recovery would be significant, but “peaceful”.  And the needy man with everything to prove would have that ignominious legacy…but he’d have accomplished something he could hang his ego on and go out of office calling himself “the best president ever“.

The Legacy of 45

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