Is It Monday?

Maybe my day is just off to a rough start.  Or maybe it’s just a bonus Monday for me.

Either way, today is off to a hard start.

I agreed to coffee before my 9:30 Acupuncture appointment.  The Silver Fox and I almost always have coffee first thing on my days off.  But my acupuncture appointment is early today compared to my usual 10:45 appointment, meaning I had to set an alarm on my day off.

Then I woke up even earlier and just laid in bed until my alarm went off.


Finally dragging my ass out of bed 15 minutes after my alarm went off, I tried shaking the cobwebs with a fizzy hipster water while I stumbled around naked.

Feeding the cat.

Putting away recycling.

Picking up dirty clothes.


I’d started the shower before thinking I needed a water – hence my nudity – and it’s been running the whole time.  Guess the cobwebs were there to stay.

But, I had I, Tonya to look forward to after acupuncture.


Needle Man.


Shit, again!

I’d agreed to have lunch with mom and dad after meeting for a beer and making movie plans with The Fox last night.

I got this.

Dressed, I head to the street.


I debate going in the rain and decide, umbrella.

Back up stairs.

We get to coffee dry, The Fox chiding me for using an umbrella.

Our normal barista is MIA.


…and substitute barista is our of cold brew.

I consider leaving and hanging it up for the day, but forge onward.  I order an iced latte to shore up my defenses against the tidal wave of minutiae.

Substitute barista steams the milk and pours it into my iced latte.

Mom had suggested my coffee shop cafe for lunch, which is fine…until I saw that they were serving mulligatawny stew.


So now I have to come up with another option.  The only hard part of that is choosing just one in the food paradise that is Portland.

I’m heading to acupuncture now and caught myself thinking my Needle Man will probably use knitting needles the way my day is going…

Then I check myself.

My problem is that it’s raining.

And I had to change up my coffee order.

And people I love want to see me.

Yeah, today isn’t hard after all!

Is It Monday?

2 thoughts on “Is It Monday?

  1. Consider the alternatives. The barista might have had red crusty stuff around her nose that she ran her finger under just before handing you your cup, and mom could be batshit crazy Pentacostal on husband not your dad number five and bringing an emaciated child you’ve never seen who calls the dolly in the shoebox “Jesus.”

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