Otherwise It’s Just A Bunch of Thursdays Strung Together

So, a couple months back, I was re-watching Rumor Has It, the “sequel” to The Graduate starring Jennifer Aniston with Kevin Costner playing the “real life” version of the college student who was seduced by Shirley MacLaine’s “real life” Mrs Robinson.

Ok, that sentence made my brain hurt.

Just watch the movie if you’re at all curious. It’s worthwhile entertainment. Plus, I love overly complex Dramedy plots. This definitely fits that bill.

In the movie, Kevin Costner compares taking risks in life to fully living a life by dismissing a life without said risk as “just a bunch of Thursdays strung together”.

Ok…that’s a fair point.

However, coming from Costner’s middle-aged millionaire playboy, it is also a cautionary tale.

Take it from someone whose life is essentially a cascading series of Saturday night closing times…

I get the appeal of “taking off for Paris at a moment’s notice” or even just turning a spontaneous dinner into a night on the town and then getting a hotel room to end the night on a responsible and fun note. If you’re a millionaire playboy, I even get that dinner involving a private jet.

However, I think too much of our cultural focus as Americans is invested in the pursuit of those playboy millionaire and Mrs Robinson moments versus pursuing meaningful and lasting relationships. “Too much” being tantamount to losing focus on what a real adult relationship looks like.

So, while I can appreciate the spontaneous humor of a Dramedy like this sorta-sequel to The Graduate, I can also really own the fact that I’m the former (sans) millionaire playboy status sitting alone on his couch watching this movie alone while his murderous feline circles waiting for me to nod off so she can eat my lips. Viewed through that filter, I’d take fewer Saturday night closing times and a bunch more strung together Thursdays – although I’d prefer to spend those Thursdays with a friendlier feline.

Otherwise It’s Just A Bunch of Thursdays Strung Together

3 thoughts on “Otherwise It’s Just A Bunch of Thursdays Strung Together

  1. I thumbs up this post, heartily. We work so hard to build a career, a home, and/or a relationship, but then we’re chided for actually enjoying those things and living within the boundaries of our life and responsibilities (gotta get up early; gotta let the dogs out; gotta clean house; etc.) If I had a bazillion dollars, I could hire maids, dog walkers, quit my job and just go with the flow. Call it crazy, but some of us look forward to Thursday night wings and TV, having a steady paycheck, and spending time with the family and in the home we worked so hard to build. We shouldn’t apologize or feel bad for that. One person’s ho-hum is another’s dream come true. There’s a difference between complacency and contentment. Nothing wrong with a little adventure, now and then, mind you 🙂

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    1. Lovely comment, I love the picture you created of an enviable Thursday! I’d love a life where my active socializing was balanced with quality time at home with significant people.
      And WINGS, for sure!


  2. Perhaps too often we tend to view a fantasy entertainment as someone’s absolute reality. I actually enjoy Thursdays and have no objection to having an endless succession of Thursdays. That eliminates my need for Mondays and Tuesdays. 🙂 Naked hugs!

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