Putting That “Pro”…

…in procrastination.

I’m up.

I could be writing.

There’s ideas.

Notions, if you will.

Some, I make notes on. Others, I’m sure that I could never forget.

Then, I forget.

But instead of writing, I’m struggling with my enemies: Binge TV and wine.

Because I will go to bed soon. It’s either a little wine – very little, as I was otherwise engaged until about 4 AM – or a couple melatonin, which I affectionately call Mellies.

Maybe I’ll write tomorrow, aka: later today. Maybe it won’t be until next week…but I’m thinking about it.

Things are brewing and percolating.

Steeping, even.

So, y’all be calm. I love that you message and text with encouragement or well-being checks when I don’t post for five-plus days.

Truth be told, I miss it, too.

So, it’s coming.

<shut up, Diezel>

Give me a couple more days to get my shit together. And, thank you all.

Putting That “Pro”…

2 thoughts on “Putting That “Pro”…

  1. Truth has a way of fucking with our Fiction sometimes. Reality and all that mess. Instead of encouragement, which is kind but often futile until “it” clears the final hurdle in your head, I will give you a shout out for tenacity. I tried to deal with WordPress from a phone. Screw. That. Find the words for the pro, not what’s it blocking, and it’s on the way out the door. Trust me on that one. The muse awaits our return and has not forsaken. We just let sweating the small stuff get in the way.

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