The Red Shirt Diaries #22

Vacation Edition.

Step aside, Myrtle. You’re not the only allegedly domesticated animal that wants to kill me. My brother’s dog, Buster, has a different animal psychosis that may prove equally lethal to my feline frenemy’s efforts at home.

Alliteratively – definitely not affectionately – called Bastard by yours truly, he’s had nothing but vicious growls and barks for me since the second time we’ve met. How long do you think that takes to become tedious?

Yeah. Not long.

He’s vicious sounding, but I’ve never really thought he would intentionally hurt me. My uncle may think otherwise after having his fingers nipped by Bastard the first time they met. I think it was an accident. The damn dog seems pretty hapless in his predatory skills.

But you know the saying, sometimes even a blind dog finds a bone.

Still, I do try to maintain a sense of optimism. Well, about people anyway. And since Bastard is my brother’s dog…I give it a shot.

Our vacation house is a six bedroom affair, two masters down stairs and four bedrooms upstairs that share two Jack and Jill style bathrooms. My uncle and his family are sharing one set of bedrooms and my brother and I are sharing the other with my sister and brother in law.

And that’s how I died in my mind this morning.

Because my siblings insist on traveling with their dogs, they lock them in the bedrooms when they are gone so they don’t bug the rest of us. They leave the water bowl in the bathroom between, which I think is wise given the inherent doofiness of dogs.

However, that works against me when everyone else leaves before I shower for the day. I went into the bathroom to get ready for the day, cheerfully greeting Bastard when he saw me – AKA: growled at me – through my sister’s bedroom door. I also noted that the sister-unit had left two of the drawers on the vanity open while getting herself ready this morning, but really thought nothing of it…it’s just my programming from my days as an Ops Manager in a department store, those Cosmetics Girls were always reporting broken drawers and related leg injuries after running into open drawers full speed.


I poked my head into my sister’s room to say hi to her dog, Rex.

Bastard went crazy and started barking at me until I pulled my head back into the bathroom. Admonishing the insanine – insane + canine = insanine…Chrisism – to knock it off, I realized just in time that I was about to trip backward over the open drawers.

Near miss.

Fortunately, a side effect of living with Myrtle is cat-like reflexes. My life has literally depended upon them.

That could’ve been a blow to the temple or impact trauma that would not have ended well for this Red Shirt. Keeping what was left of my cool, I closed my sister’s bedroom door and the vanity drawers and took my shower, thinking about how mad Myrtle would have been if I let another animal kill me.

Better luck next time, Bastard.

The Red Shirt Diaries #22

10 thoughts on “The Red Shirt Diaries #22

    1. I’m pretty sure Myrt wants to be hands on in my demise. 😹
      Probably just waiting for me to put the auto feeding and waterfall water bowl in my amazon cart before pulling the trigger on whatever she has cooking in that evil lil cat brain of hers. 🙀

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  1. You aren’t showing up in my reader. Which is obvious because I don’t “follow” much. So when someone goes missing I notice. But I get emails. Is it a WordPress thing? are your rights being violated? Are mine? I read #23 through email. That’s how I got here. Calico cats are like the satan inspired siren whores out to secretly destroy your universe while being slightly overweight (curvy, not fat), coy and “accidentally” deadly. Like weaving between your feet while doing a groggy waterglass reload at two AM. Fur clad evil. Anyway, why are you in the inbox, and out of the reader? The app is SO much easier than all that web nonsense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m in the WordPress version of Bermuda?
      It’s funny, I was doing some catching up in my own reader yesterday and didn’t see anything from you…I got worried that you’d finally left us! Maybe the same thing happened to us both.
      The app is pretty good, but I have experienced a couple glitches. One of the bloggers that follows me is pretty chatty in the comments, but suddenly his comments stopped showing up in my notifications, then his likes. I’d still get an email notification, but that was it. Maybe this is similar.
      PS: this just happened, “Hey Myrt, Phil says you’re not fat, just curvy!”

      So, thanks for that magic!

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      1. Wow. Our commentary shows up, little orange ball on the bell tells me so, But your latest post? Nowhere. I had almost left. Bathroom remodel and all, and the time invested vs any real “reward.” Yeah yeah, personal betterment, set goals…I’d feel better, like you and your job, if I actually “got something done.” And SocialMedia ain’t exactly like doing anything.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I understand the social media time suck. But I feel like there’s better connection with the people I interact with here on the WordPress. So, I’m glad we didn’t lose ya completely to the bathroom remodel!


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