Greetings From Failing St…

Yes, it’s an actual street name here in weird, old Portland.

Apparently I need to fill out a change of address card, because after reading/replying to comments on yesterday’s blog…I realized that I couldn’t start my diet without a proper farewell to my good friends Chipotle and Movie Theater Popcorn. So, I’m off to a show and then out for a burrito!

Don’t worry, I’ll drink diet soda with both!

And then start annoying you all with my whining about deprivation and smoothie recipes tomorrow!

Greetings From Failing St…

4 thoughts on “Greetings From Failing St…

  1. Chipotle I love but it hits me harder than probiotics, and I live on Messikin food.

    I have a picture of Haight and Ashbury. And not far from here, like a mile, is a subdivision with street names that intersect to give up Earthwind and Fire. N. Fail is a good one. Th3 corner of that and W. Epic would be where I pitch my tent on my “retirement.” Not far from the Exxon C Store where I work and steal taquitos from the roller cooker and cigarettes to sell to winos.

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