I Think It’s Contagious

I chatted with someone yesterday that started the conversation by blurting out

I’m blocked

Now, I couldn’t tell if it was a question or an exclamation. Since he was looking at his phone, I assumed it was some social or a social media occurrence.

Of course, I spoke to him.

During the course of our conversation, I learned that he’d been referring to writer’s block, he was visiting town with his wife through Friday and that he thought that Trump’s vanity wall was an absolute necessity.

He spoke nearly the entire time we were together. Literally the only time I spoke was when I inquired about who had blocked him and when I left him.

I need to get away from you before my IQ bottoms out.

This is, by the way, why I like to pay cash. The last thing I want to do is stop my dramatic exit to settle up on my way out.

But ever since I woke up today, I’ve felt a little off.

I had an interview that went…okay. I wasn’t as articulate as I know I could be, but I couldn’t tell if it was because I felt that the woman didn’t like me or if she was behaving aloofly because my answers were lacking a certain luster.

So I took a nap.

Then I went to an exercise class.

Then I sat quietly in the couch, thinking. No TV, no music.

Then I thought I should write.

Maybe I should watch a movie

I couldn’t find my remote. I looked under the cushions, on the kitchen counter…in the bathroom – I dunno, just being thorough.

I looked under Myrtle, which she was most displeased about. Then again, she did this the other day.

…so, she couldn’t really blame me.

Fortunately, the last time she did that, a friend mentioned that there was an AppleTV app. All was not lost.

So now I’m sitting here, watching Lost In Translation and ignoring the reality that I’m blocked up. This is not the movie to snap me out of that funk, but it reminds me that I’m not alone in this funk.

Maybe tomorrow will be different. For today, this is what I got.

…and I can’t stop thinking about where that Trump supporter’s wife was…who goes on vacation with someone and then goes somewhere without them?

I Think It’s Contagious

10 thoughts on “I Think It’s Contagious

  1. Trump supporters, I tell ya … that man sounds like a piece of work! My first thought when he told you he was blocked was that he meant he was constipated, haha. I try not to talk politics too much on my blog, but good grief I can’t believe anyone actually believes that damn wall is a good idea. Good for you for getting away from what sounds like a conversation-hogger.

    God, Lost in Translation is seriously one of my favorite movies. I daresay it *is* my favorite non-Disney, non-Hallmark-channel-Christmas movie! I will never forget going to see it in the theatre freshman year of college, when I myself was feeling quite lost.

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  2. Lost In Translation is the worst movie ever and it made me suicidal the entire running time. Also, I felt like a loser for not liking it.
    I think it’s funny that you called it an “exercise class”. No one says that.
    Have you been enjoying “The Try Guys” – they would be way better at unblocking you than the sad Bill Murray. Or maybe Schitt’s Creek. Or maybe I still feel like closer for hating that movie so much.
    P.S. Did you hear that after Nancy sent that letter attempting to cancel the state of the union on account of the govt shutdown – that next day (today) Trump sent HER a letter cancelling her flight to war-torn Syria (on account of the govt shutdown) – You can’t write shit like this, which is prolly why you are blocked.

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    1. I’ve not heard of the Try Guys…I’ll have to check it out!
      Your typo reminded me of the movie Closer. It came out just after one of my relationships ended (poorly, I must add) and none of my friends would let me see it. They said it was too rough, all about how bad people treat each other. When I finally saw it, two years later, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of, “This is all?!?”
      And that took me back to the beginning of your comment about how you felt watching Lost In Translation…
      I love circles!

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  3. The crazy things about this – and also the reason I clicked on this article – is that just last week I also watched Lost in Translation. What a crazy coincidence. Anyway, wanted to stop by to tell you: Great taste in films. Also, inspiration will come again. Sometimes you only need to watch to right movie to get an idea^^

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement…on the words coming back *and* the film choices! I watched Bill Murray Stories on Netflix after I whined about my struggles yesterday – doubling down on Bill! – and can feel my mojo brewing. Well, simmering, at least!


  4. Oh man, the people who go off with “others” on vacation. I could write a book about the filthy rich who are moral-less skirt hound panty sniffers of the hisghest order and consider it a victory when they sell it to their spouses. I regress. There is no writer’s block. I, too, am stymied but that is on me, not the cosmos. The muse is sitting on a not too tall reddish brick fence, surrounded by thornless roses, studying her nails, sighing and waiting for us to pull out heads out of our asses. Nad that’s all it is. Distraction. Because to allow the muse in we have to sit, sans any predisposition or writerly “control” and let it flow. And fuck if the news and the leather clad granny in the white Mercedes who whips into the parking space you have your blinker on waiting for and the fucking deductible on prescriptions is up again and the insurance company denies your colonoscopy prep you didn;t want in the first place and people who want to talk. About politics! When is anybody in that God foresaken town ever think about the people who elected them and stop pissing on each other’s shoes?
    Job interviews. Fuck. That. I’m interviewing them, not the other way around.

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    1. And…I’m back!
      You know, after two years, I’ve learned to not attempt to engage Trumpsters in meaningful debate or even minimal conversation. I just shut it down and accept that my questions will never be answered…
      Unfortunately, I keep getting pulled into the interview fray. Abyss. No, fray.
      But I’m with you, I’ve got a mental list of companies I want to work for, I’m just crossing them off one interview at a time and hope there’s still a name left when my job search ends. 🤞🏽


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