Polar Express

This ain’t about some cute Christmas movie for kids.

It is more about the headlines from last week forecasting that 75% of the country would be experiencing below freezing temperatures this week due to polar vortex conditions.

Indeed, many parts of the country seem to be reaching temperatures that can freeze most alcohols solid. Thanks, Wind Chill.

Well. Sorry.

Also: west coast, best coast!

Netflix seems to have misunderstood the situation, given it’s most recent new release.

I’m guessing they don’t repeat their Bird Box launch numbers with this title. Just a hunch.

I had lunch with mom and dad today and even our waitress was tiffing on our unseasonably nice weather. I suggested it was an El Niño/Niña effect – whichever creates the warm weather versus six months of misery – and all four of us just kind of smiled contentedly and started out the window.

She snapped out of it after a few seconds, gave the view a last smile and went back to handing out warm-ups for the other diners.

Technically, it’s warm enough for my usual Spring outdoor activities…I was chastising myself for not breaking out the old bike this past weekend. Also thinking, “Maybe today…”

Then someone said it was supposed to rain tomorrow.

Such is life.

But I feel like I should at least acknowledge that this is our good fortune, so here I am! But, just so you know that I know your pain, here’s Portland two years ago:

And we are not equipped to handle weather like that, as much of the country is. It shuts up right down. Hell, 1/2″ of snow will shut us down here in PDX.

Luckily, this year…not a problem!

At least, yet…leave it to me to jinx it. Stay safe and warm, everyone!

Polar Express

9 thoughts on “Polar Express

  1. Thank you so very much for such a heart-warming post! A heat wave in January? I guess that I’m living the obviously *wrong* type of life. Perhaps if I started drinking alcohol and eating all the strange types of food we’d have some of the weather that you’re experiencing! In the meantime, naked hugs!

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  2. In Texas we get a couple of below freezing nights, back up to 73 by weekend. However what Netflix really got wrong was a one eyed assassin. Really? Well, at least he won’t have to close one eye to line up the sights. Your poster boy look for suburban Towelly-ban recruiting was superb. We get half an inch of snow they close the schools and Home Deopot sells out of sand, salt, batteries and generators. And the reported incidents of STD go up dramatically. And I’ll take the Gulf Coast east of N’Awlins for beaches and water temp, west coast for great coastal mother nature drama. Ain’t nothin’ like the pacific 500 feet below bashing the crap out of the cliffs. I take it you’re still avoiding editing. Tomorrow’s the day, unless all this longform facebooking has become addictive…

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    1. I’ll also admit that whenever I don’t get snow in the winter…also sad! I hope your luck holds, though, the weather I’ve been hearing about this past week is nothing to mess with!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I suppose now that it’s February you’re gonna be all – I have no idea who any of you are – thirty days of posting…..wait a minute….where’s Days 30 and 31?
    Now you gotta start over. haHA!

    PS In that black face sweater you look like the Taliban. I just meandered over to see if you’d posted anything new and instead found out you were, at some point, radicalized. For a sec that’s what I thought.

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    1. Uh-oh…Someone feels ripped off? Well, if 30 days was the deal, I have to wait for March. February would be an automatic fail at 28 days! 😊
      Guess I better get some drafts in the old pipeline!


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