Pat Had A Stroke!

Poor Pat the Patriot.

Just two months old (to me) and they are already in the shop. I was driving along I-84 Sunday and all of their dash lights and gauges triggered.

I knew something was wrong. All those idiot lights screaming at me.

After hopefully hobbling to the exit ramp, I experienced a reminder that I really should be bothering to go to the gym now and then: Pat’s power steering went out.

I limped down to the dealership – thankfully only 50 blocks away and virtually in a straight line! – and unloaded a few frustrations at the Sales Manager.

Then he replied that the service team was off and they’d get me a loaner until my car was repaired. I figured I would get a junker and then he walked me out to this

Only 96 miles on this literal Renegade. Well, there was

I didn’t even feel bad when they called – well, texted – to tell me that my part would be in today and my extended warranty covered it. And that I could keep the loaner until Wednesday.

Then I decided the Sales Manager was trying to trick me into upgrading from my analog Pat to something fancier with electric everything. Seriously, I keep accidentally trapping riders in the back because of the automatic locks and leaning across the front seat to use the passenger switch to roll down the electric window.

I think analog Xtopher gets along better with base model Pat…nice try, Sales Manager.

Pat Had A Stroke!

3 thoughts on “Pat Had A Stroke!

  1. My daughter has a Jeep Grand Cherokee with more sh*t on the dash. Talks to her phone. I don;t mean calls, I mean apps, maps, all go screen cast. My wife’s best freind has a Lexus with heads up display. What does a woman 13 years older than ME need with a fighter pilot windshield? I was riding in someone’s Lexus the other day and my elbow bumped something on the console. OMG – Techno meltdown. I apologized, driver said no prob and moved some knob a 16th of an inch and all was well. I drove the Velveeta box Cherokees for 20+ years. Electric nada. Drafty. Stiff. But I NEVER got stuck in anything from backed up traffic to the Crocket National Forest in a monsoon. As soon as the lease is up on this *** SUV it’s gone. Love your Pat. It’s good for you!

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  2. At least you’re perceptive enough to recognize these sales “gimmicks!” Why bother to upgrade when your relatively new car has an endless assortment of future failures? Stay with what you already have and experience the joy of newer “solutions” coming your way. Naked hugs! 😉

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