I’m In Literacy Hell

I’m aware on a daily basis that education has taken a nosedive in America.

And not “education” strictly in the school system manner. I know there are issues there, certainly. What I’m referring to is the responsibility of the individual to refresh their knowledge to ensure their intelligence continues to grow as they make their way in the world, lest we end up becoming Stupider Americans…

My daily reminders are things like the there/their/they’re and your/you’re headaches.

But today…today has been extra.

It started with a friend’s Facebook status:

I don’t run away when theirs a challenge.


Pretty run of the mill.

Well, I mean, it’s kind of a double-whammy. He missed the contraction in his misuse of there’s.

But then this guy I’ve been chatting with sends me a text about a conflict he’s having with his boss:

I don’t think there’s a way I could ethnically do that.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Obviously, I can’t see him any longer…

I’m In Literacy Hell

4 thoughts on “I’m In Literacy Hell

  1. V says:

    I’m reading this and I want to write an incredibly long rant about how I feel the American education system fails people. But, since your post was probably all you want to tolerate for one day, I’ll keep my points brief.

    Things that annoy the fuck out of me:
    1. People who grow up thinking they can go on a day drive to Alaska because Canada is not properly acknowledged on the map between Washington and Alaska and no one teaches them otherwise.
    2. People who use ‘whenever’ instead of ‘when’. I’m told this is predominantly something they teach in the south. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before…

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  2. Well, basically this it absolutely awesome. Try to follow the sentence structure of your local news anchors without your brain fixing it for you. Watch the very things you mentioned scroll by on the banners under the talking heads. Better yet, read one of the Professors English 1302 papers and try ti understand how the person who wrote it got out of second grade and isn’t institutionalized. Amen to this one.
    My daughter had to fire the junior legal assistant where she is General Counsel. His document proofs were horrible. She asked him “Don’t you know what the little red squiggle is for in Word?” He didn’t know! And he got out of Law School!
    Fuck me…sad state of affairs…

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