Year Six?

Sometimes it seems time really does fly. Like when I get these emails

Each year, it kind of sneaks up on me, this domain renewal date. But then WordPress throws a year or two out there – five and six in this case – and suddenly it seems like it’s been way longer.

They are congratulating me on four years of blogging on AtLeastIHaveAFrigginGlass and looking forward to (payment for) my sixth-tenth. The reason it seems way longer is actually…reality. It has been way longer. I’ve only just been paying for my domain for five years. There were a couple years before that where I blogged on WordPress without paying for the .com – and even a couple years waaay back where I blogged on blogspot.

So there’s some history, to be sure. However, as WordPress sends me a renewal warning, I’m wondering if I should just shut it down or recommit.

My more popular blog buddies swear routine is the key to their blog’s success. My blogging has been rather…haphazard. Most of last year, I think I was lucky to average a post a week – as a matter of fact, most of my posts for last year were likely concentrated in January, thanks to my self-challenge to post daily to start the new year off.

Maybe committing to a posting structure would help?

If you ask Zuckerberg, he’d suggest boosting my posts on his portfolio of social media sites.

Yeah, for sure not doing that.

Then again, that warning email ended thusly

And that left me feeling like WordPress was playing Zuck’s game and really only wanted my money. I mean, if you’re going to send a form letter – could it not come from the CEO and not an Associate?

Year Six?

8 thoughts on “Year Six?

  1. “I’m wondering if I should just shut it down or recommit.” Can we get an Amen? I’m not even paying for it. I signed up not giving a flying fuck about the social media aspect. I did it to give myself an artificial deadline. I was a clinician in the music biz and a creative for $ type forever. I know because I have pictures. And that gig was “You’d best be ready to kick our asses Friday at 10. AM, not PM.” OS I did that to my writing, although, as stated, artificial. I think I’d go .com if ever I were to sell something again, or publish something worth reading and then I’d go full on with the (you realize that statistics say you’d be better off watching paint dry) consistency and regularity. Two words equally suited for describing the dropping a the ultimate deuce as WordPressing for followers. The last 6 people to follow my blog are selling vitamins, or Jesus. Or both. And I don;t have the patience to go out and kiss ass without real product. So…maybe I should just print them, stick them on the door and see if the Amazon package thieves stop to read them…
    Tell me about Lyft, my re-careering beckons.

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    1. So you’re coming down betwixt?
      Stop paying, don’t stop creating? An interesting third option.
      As for Lyft…I’m gonna drop some words about that tonight or tomorrow – but maybe I should schedule them? 🤔 – is there anything specific you’d like to know about it? I’ll tell ya this, I averaged about $1500/mo last year with about a 20/week commitment. Problematic Pat was kind of an anchor on my IP. My goal was $2k/mo and I think that would have been pretty easy to hit if Pat wasn’t having some affair with a service tech. My larger point, I was dreading my taxes this year. While I can’t be absolutely certain I did them correctly, I’m only paying $300 to the feds and am actually getting $100 back from the state – but that’s mostly because we bleeding heart liberal fucking Oregonians had a kicker credit due to our budget surplus. 🤷🏽‍♂️
      And the people are largely fantastic. I highly recommend exploring the opportunity!


  2. V says:

    I guess if you’re questioning whether you should shut it down or recommit, the real question is are you getting the value for the money paid?

    I think it’s a bit of a cliche for people to swear that routine is key to a blog’s success. I think being interesting is key to a blog’s success. I think probably the three most popular people I’ve found on this platform don’t really have any schedule or reason or rhyme to what they do, they just… have that personality and style that attracts others. Well that and they have a diverse skill-set in properly advertising (free or paid).

    Whatever you do decide to do, remember you don’t need to pay for an account to be successful with blogging. I think that’s a common myth people like to spread too.

    I’m rambling. Sorry.

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    1. Didn’t seem like a ramble to me…although, I’d have bet money you were going to tell me to pay attention to my analytics to see if it was worth it to pay or stay! 😂


  3. Oh in my head you’re probably one of the most regular blog posters I have in my ‘Reader’. And one of the few ones I actually click on. But Psst! Don’t tell the others!

    Having had an upload schedule in the past made me drive insane. So, I went back to posting whenever I feel like it. However, if you must be regular, once a week is a regularity too.

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    1. If you’re going to be saying flattering things to me, then I’m going to be flattered!
      I’m also leaning your way on the post when I want to routine…😊


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