BTW: Milestones!

This is my 502nd post. I got this last week

And this the week before…

So it’s been a big month for me on WordPress.

But in realizing I forgot to post about said milestones, I was also surprised at how people find my blog. Even when – no, especially when I’m idle for a while. In checking my stats after posting about the odd things I collect, I noticed a bunch of clicks on old posts.

Like really old.

Turns out, some of them were the result of the following search prompts:

I don’t know if that’s all three clicks from whomever in Japan or maybe it is a combination of the two clicks from the U.S. and the U.K. Who knows, really? I do know it wasn’t the Aussie clicks, I know who that shy guy is. He doesn’t come around enough, but when he does, I’m glad to see him. 😉

Anyway, I am tempted to recreate that search – on Google and Yahoo, since I was reached through searches on both. I want to see just how many pages I have to scroll through before my blog pops up.

I’m assuming the full search term was:

Welcome to Oregon, don’t stay

At the end of the day, it’s been a great ride.

Out of those 502 posts, I collated several into a self-publishing practice book

Which wouldn’t have been possible without this blog and the confidence you readers have helped me develop while finding my voice. I’m a sloppy writer, preferring the title Storyteller over Author, but I’ve been fortunate enough to to create two books around the characters I’ve created and have a third in the works right now.

I’ve learned quite a lot along the way – and saved hundreds of hours in therapy – thanks to this blog.

And, mostly, thanks to the followers. I’m grateful for you.

BTW: Milestones!

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      1. I have a friend, known since my youth. I have told him to his face without a guitar in his hands he’s so full of shit we could give him an enema and bury what was left in a shoebox.

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