It’s A Bot Time

It’s been a while since I got into a battle of wills with a fake person.

Thank goodness – ok, alrightness – for Words With Friends.

If you are patient enough, “someone” will surely come along and help you out. The most recent assistance they are offering is investment help.

But since these are fake people, they just keep going. And let’s face it, I’m the victim here, too polite to refuse the chat request of a stranger – in case they are an actual person; too stubborn to forfeit the game and take a statistical hit.

So I just amuse myself.

Oh, Ann…

Seriously, some people watch movies for fun, I do this.

It’s A Bot Time

One thought on “It’s A Bot Time

  1. Ahhh, the tech support chatbots are just as much fun. I needed my downloads reactivated when I changed computers. Let me investigate your account. I am sorry for the delay. Please re-type your reference number. Okay – Radiator fluid. Thank you so much but that number is not active.
    Jeez. I hang up on the phone bots when I call in somewhere. Someone is listening on a few of them I say “No thank you #4 get me a real person or this is going to get fucking uglier than the dark side of your momma’s moon.” It’s worked a few times. Good work. I liked the two left pockets and potato!

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