Heil Grammar!

I admit, I might have more of a problem here than I can back up…

Case in point: I came across this “story” on the Instagram tonight.

Yes, yes…it’s “dirty”, although if you’ve gotten to this point in my blogging (fake equivalency) career, I think it’s your own fault that you’re here.

Just own it, already!

Anyway, you know I just couldn’t help but rub some salt in the typo wound – I mean, really…if you’re going to monetize your social media, please don’t be illiterate! – so here we are.

Personally, I love that they were self-aware enough to type in all caps. I choose – as a frequent oopsies writer – to believe that they discovered their mistake in edit mode but couldn’t change their story. I’m so – less optimistically – open to the potential that there were a Brazilian (old joke, but make me tell you) other mos that corrected this guy.

But, c’mon…gays that read are one unicorn thing, gays that read and have spelling confidence…?!?

Nah. C’mon. If The Gays were confident, we wouldn’t work out so much…

Nonetheless, this GayBoyProblemsAF – as he calls himself here, but I know this is one of at least four Instagram pages this lil hottie admins – was totes up for the Hot Tip, regardless.

That’s even sexier. Nothing worse than a sexy young un who thinks he knows it all. It’s way hotter to come in across a guy who gets live creating and can factor his ego out of it.

This particular good natured exchange was delightful.

I’m not sure my non-gendered ending worked. But I didn’t want to assume the content creator (a cis male) would want to be called a boyfriend…fake, as it were.

Regardless, I should have included the word “imaginary” there at the end.

My imaginary man friend…

Heil Grammar!

2 thoughts on “Heil Grammar!

  1. I used to have a gay friend who was literate. He could write, too. When he got out of his own way. I mentioned that after reading his book that read like a ph angry tweeny female. He was so cutesy it took him 6,000 words to get himself and some dysfunctional family from the curb to the airport gate. He started over 450 sentences with So. I asked him, where’s the shit you really write. He gave me all sorts of gay shit about what gays want and will read and I said forget the gays. Vidal didn’t write for gays. Capote didn’t either. Rock Hudson didn’t act for gays, so WTF?
    The first time I read this you had a double the. It might still be there.
    I’ve decided there’s deep wisdom in this post. Who cares if we’re not dumb? Let them read Evanovich and Connelly!

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    1. Lol…how many years on are we in this WP trench and we finally have a mutual disdain in Evanovich and Connelly to abuse and help pass the time? 😹
      While I was rereading this (for the dupe “the” that was supposed to be a “to”, thank you!) I was trying to decide what I was angry at The Gays for *this time* when I wrote this. I tried deciding that it was something cute and basic, but your last paragraph really struck me in the simple humor laying just beneath its surface. Then I realized that this same statement will probably haunt the B reels of my mind for the rest of the weekend because it really is something I need to think about so I really understand my own motivations when dealing with The Gays.
      You really did a lot there with this comment, intentionally or not or more than you intended or not. So know I’m glad for this dialogue we have!
      *And* (Ha!) know that I also said out loud “I cares if we’re not dumb!” (Sic) and then laughed out loud, scaring Myrt, before I went back to reread this post for the dupe that you pointed out.


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