This Oughta Be Interesting

So…yeah, I’ve been bird-dogging my bank account and the IRS site for the last couple of weeks, because: stimmie.

I had pretty much resigned myself to getting passed over again because I kept on getting the “need more information” error on the IRS site. I’d gotten the first stimmie last…May? Sure, let’s go with May, snd was one of the first to get it because I’d filed my taxes electronically and the IRS had my bank account info on file, badabing-badaboom: direct deposit.

Then, in December: bubkis.

No idea what changed in between.

But in order to help the old IRS find its wallet this time around, I pulled the trigger early on my taxes. I usually wait to file because I’m a procrastinator patriot and want to let the government use my money until the last moment possible. My hope was that this would remind them that they forgot about me last time.

And, sure enough, here’s what greeted me today:

Mind you, this is where the fun starts. Since I filed my taxes and they update this site each night, there shouldn’t be a problem.


When I logged in to check, I was told that the address I put in was wrong. I tried my PO Box and Bob’s your uncle.

The only problem?

I unrented my PO Box last May.

This is my life, after all.

Like I said, this is where the fun starts. If I filed my taxes electronically, once again, they should have my direct deposit information handy. Why not just use that again?

For that matter, if they update this site nightly and I filed my taxes ten days ago, why isn’t my correct address on the site?

Now we get to see if the Post Office still has a change of address on file for me so that this gets forwarded. If not, I guess I’ll have myself a lil pet project…

This Oughta Be Interesting

5 thoughts on “This Oughta Be Interesting

  1. Given the fact that fortunately there has been a major change in government since last May, I can understand the confusion. After all, the Old Fool encouraged all of his younger fools to try and demolish the US Capitol in the early days of this new year. However, there seems to be an intense shortage of “thinking” in the empty craniums of the public employees. Good luck dealing with them and your problem-solving! 😉 Bare hugs!

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    1. I pretty much laid the blame for this at the same unaccountable idiot’s feet. And if stimulus confusion and extra work is the personal price I have to pay for having him out of office…I’m *so* happy to do it! 💪🏽

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