But, but…

…I don’t even want to run or hide.

Seriously, did who ever coined the phrase, “You can run, but you can’t hide” ever consider this scenario?

Because, honestly, I want to run toward this particular menace.

As per my usual, I spent some time in bed this morning, reading the news and emails. Two of those emails were business newsletters.

One featured a story about how McDonalds was pulling its presence from Walmart stores. The plan was to go from 1000 restaurant-in-a-store locations to a mere 150. That story went on to asked the question:

What should replace the Golden Arches?

Of course, my mind said “Chipotle, duh.” Like I go to Walmart.

The other was headlined:

Free Chips

…but those ended up being microprocessors from a story about the chip supply chain shortage that is hindering production in the states, and across the globe from the sound of it. But my mind immediately went to Chipotle’s unique signature chips when I saw it.

Then, there’s this email from just before 10 this morning.

…so, that’s helpful.

And I swear that I saw Chipotle ads when I was doing my social media scroll after reading the news.

What the eff?!?

But I’ll show them. Tempt me and I will succumb.

I’m only a man, after all.

But I’m a grumpy old man, so when I cave, I’m going to a local burrito joint.



But, but…

6 thoughts on “But, but…

  1. Walmart is the crazy character study and rubber vegetable capital of the world. You should go. They are ripping ALL of the fast-food joints out of the ones around here. North Texas being the most dense walmarting per capita of anywhere. I finally went back to Chipotle, gingerly, after all the where are these people putting their hands before I get my food? scares.
    Regardless of where you live, like me in the south of the border migrant invasion from hell you gotta go somewhere serious to get a Chipotle quality burrito that size.

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