The Red Shirt Diaries #31

COVID vaccine!

So…Tuesday is the big day. Shot #2.

I only know one person personally who has had a bad reaction to the vaccination. That said, cocktail napkin mary suggests there’s a 50/50 chance at any given person having a bad response.

Obviously, the odds are against me, given my relatively unscathed friends and family.

This has been weighing on me. Specifically, how do I plan my last day of unvaccinated life?

Should I be responsible and get some driving done – which I would normally do on Mondays, anyway – I’m case I have a bad reaction and end up going down for a day or more?

Or, using some sort of Xtopher-style inverse logic, should I go out in a figurative blaze of glory? Maybe hit a casino or take myself out for some beers?

Decisions, decisions…

And, tipping the scale completely over, Bubble Boy started texting this afternoon. He wants to know when he can see me again. Responsibly, I told him Tuesday, so long as I wasn’t impacted by the shot.

I know he wanted me to say tonight or tomorrow, but…get used to disappointment, Bucko.

Two is enough options for me to vacillate between.

Getting ready to hop into bed, I cannot tell you which way this will go down. Waking up will bring a whole new adventure.

But in true Red Shirt style, my house will be clean by the time that needle goes into my arm on Tuesday…just in case I manage to buck the trend and spontaneously kick the bucket.

Wish me luck! Or…y’know, weigh in on how you’d spend your last day amongst the living.

The Red Shirt Diaries #31

10 thoughts on “The Red Shirt Diaries #31

  1. Go have fun! So I got the Pfizer and it took about 48 hours for it to bother me but then for a week it hit me hard and that was the first dose. I was in bed for a good week and I basically had almost everything on the side affects list. I still can’t wait for the 2nd dose though on 5/10.

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  2. I got both Pfizer shots. Number one was no problem. After number two I had a lethargic malaise for a couple of days. Most people I know who had the Pfizer were in and out and done. Not so moderna. And this nonsense with 6 out of 7 million people getting blood clots? Jesus. More people get knocked down or off by the flu shot. Speaking of – that’s the one that usually kicks my ass. Much More so than the Covid dually.

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    1. That’s interesting about your reaction to flu shots. Pesky, too, since that’s every damn year.
      I’m doing the Moderna vax, so tomorrow should be…interesting. But I’ve saved a bunch of shit I don’t want to do – that likely involves sitting on hold for hours – for my potential downtime. Gourd help those poor bastards.


  3. I got both Pfizer and was fatigued for 3 days and a headache the next day. It takes two weeks for the antibodies to adequately form until you can say you’re fully vaccinated! So try to be responsible until then 🙂

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