Read The Room…

So, this happened on Instagram today.

Having a problematic memory, I looked at her profile to make sure I hadn’t unremembered knowing her. Here’s what I got for that effort.



Like…take that shit to Tinder, woman. The ‘gram ain’t for that kind of love.

Read The Room…

2 thoughts on “Read The Room…

  1. Whatever it was before Facebook, there was this woman on whatever that was who was in the top 5 of hits, likes, follows. She was a bartender from New York somewhere. There were weeks she was number 1. She dispensed advice, had a cool persona, was the big deal. She was really a stock photo headshot and a guy who got so caught up in how much everyone loved “her” he couldn’t put it down. Tits and a wink. Anybody ever ‘splained you da the coke bottle shaped dat way? Girl has 3 posts and 80 some followers? Damn. She pops some cleavage pics, stand by for the downpour of stupidity realized.


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