Upcoming Mask Mandate

One of the three counties Portland sits in announced it was implementing an indoor mask mandate, effective Friday, 8/13. The next day, the Governor made the same announcement for the state.

A while ago, I’d have made the joke that I’d prefer a masc man date over a mask mandate, but I don’t think it’s true at this point in my life. I’ve not fully given up the practice of masking up when I leave the house. I definitely put my mask on when entering a business. Well, before entering it – and I think that’s an important distinction.

The Silver Fox is in town for a while, so naturally I’ve been demanding he belly up with me as nightly as possible. Lost time and all.

Last night was no exception. We were sitting at the bar next door and I was low key astonished at how many patrons were walking in without masks and even moving about the restaurant maskless. I had my mask off while seated, which I get is nearly as arbitrary as the “smoking section” of bars back in the day.


It’s as if these Stupid Americans have collectively decided to not see the rationale for announcing a start date. Namely, yo allow businesses to ramp to have policies and signage in place by the mandate’s start.

It’s certainly not a new restriction for patrons or businesses, just a return to a prior restriction. Anyone leaving their house should have a pile of these masks ready to go. As a citizen, our ramp should be immediate – although, I have heard stories of people therapeutically trashing their masks after the restrictions were originally lifted. That’s more of an exception, not a rule. Yet, here we are, customers largely running around businesses bare-faced and empty-headed until they are required to do the right thing.

So selfish.

Meanwhile, most businesses I frequent have had their staff back in masks for weeks – despite the latitude they had to behave otherwise. The grace period that I believe is for their benefit is largely unneeded.

At least I’m the businesses I regularly frequent.

This is why we’re all gonna die. Well, maybe. But it’s definitely the reason we’re all gonna be stuck in traffic forever if we do live.

Selfish animals, we are.

Upcoming Mask Mandate

12 thoughts on “Upcoming Mask Mandate

      1. Well, of course! I generally give my fellow bloggers a pass when it comes to thinking and reasoning. It is clear when I read someone’s blog that there’s a legitimate thought process at work – unlike with Facebook posts – even with the one Religious Wrong blogger I follow. She may have to bend over backward far enough to shove her own head up her butt, but she makes a clear argument for her point, at least.
        Keep that sunscreen handy in this heatwave, m’kay?

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  1. Now the politicians are fighting over free will and and mandates with school kids as pawns. Wear this mask or kill this child. Where have all the adults and common sense gone? Example. There’s a chain of hiway pitstops called Buc-ees. A number of them are like small redneck towns. I like their jerky and it’s a people watching three word description workout heaven. I took my grandson Sunday afternoon. Probably 200 people inside in close proximity, rotating in and out in a constant wave like bi directional salmon. Not a mask in sight. Numbers are skyrocketing. Duh. If people are too stupid to exercise free will to save themselves and others we implement invasive government. Wtf

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    1. My empathy level is near zero for non-maskers just like you describe. The only folks I feel bad for are the kids, who only know what they learn at home. But it’s the same reserve I have for kids raised in the church…they will likely never have the mental wherewithal to escape the “cultural intellect” of their home since public schools are basically what old folks homes are now: human storage. At least we’re getting them used to how their lives will end, should they survive to their twilight years…only escaping for a few decades of stoking the capitalism machinery.
      Damn. I just depressed myself by gleaning an understanding for why these mental midgets cry so loud about perceived infringements upon their rights. These are the only years of their lives they feel “free”, no teachers or nursing home attendants bossing them around and forcing compliance. Mind: blown.


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