I don’t want to step on The Rolling Stones’ toes here, but…you can’t always get what you want. And, true, sometimes you only get what you need. Others, maybe you get skunked…call those times character building.

Still other times, maybe you do get what you want.

Can you – at a minimum – just shut up then? Preferably, I’d like to see us comport ourselves with a little more character in those moments than just nothing. However, given the option between “nothing” and “beating a dead horse” – I’ll graciously accept silence.

What’s all this got to do with…anything?

Here’s a case in point for ya.

This bar in SE Portland recently came under fire for cultural appropriation.

Esoteric cultural appropriation, if I can say without being branded a racist or someone hissing about my cis-male whiteness. If not, I guess I’ll have to check into the Whiteness Protection Program, but I doubt I’d make any friends there, so I’m hoping there’s room for my opinion.

Do you know why it’s esoteric? If so, then I would imagine you’re among a very few…or maybe I’m just not that hip hop savvy. Anyway, back in the early days of hip hop, there was a group called NWA.

As the aforementioned cis-male, I can only elucidate you on that acronym by saying it stands for A Particularly Hateful Racial Epithet…With Attitudes.

Got it? Ok. Enough on that.

Since they stopped recording/touring after their 4 years of being a functional group, it seems that group members have gone on to post-NWA projects like starting in long-running police procedural dramas or reviving headphones as a viable personal music delivery platform.

So, they’re doing ok. And the post-NWA careers have been longer and much likely more lucrative for these two members in particular.

Which is why I was so surprised to read about the brouhaha around a tap house called NWIPA – short for NW IPA. The critics took issue with riffing on the group’s name equating to cultural appropriation.

Ok…this seems like a great place for the Brady Bunch “Sure, Jan” gif, but I don’t want to be argumentative. I’m trying to keep things low-key passive-aggressive these days versus overtly confrontational.

The owner of the bar responded to the initial social media complaint…by apologizing and changing the name of his damn bar!


Let’s not even mention that when it comes to Portland beer culture being potentially guilty of cultural appropriation there’s this lil bandit

…that riffs on the movie Straight Outta Compton about the same damn group that the bar was accused of appropriating culture from. What blow back do they get?

The best part is that even after his online apology, connectors were still hounding him on social media about his offense.

People, he apologized and corrected the issue…shut. the. fuck. up.

As far as the whole Straight Outta Compton non-issue goes? All I can offer is that we’re Portlanders, and I can’t say we’re known for any consistency in our collective outrage. Meanwhile, I’m sitting over here being all grumpy that a bar in the SE quadrant of town had the gall to call itself NWIPA.

While all this is unfolding, of course, now-former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo was being investigated by the NY State District Attorney. She finds the allegations levied against him to be credible and both sides of the political spectrum go wild, calling for his resignation. Including our Democrat president, mind you.

So, he does.

Then in an exercise I like to call “Why the hell am I still on the Facebook?”, one of my former work colleagues posts this

Ok, I freely admit that it’s funny and clever. However, I think it’s wildly inappropriate for anyone who voted for Trump twice and/or supports the GOP to post. So, y’know…I said so.

As far as politicians being responsive to their constituency and held accountable for their actions and how they reflect on the office they hold? This guy stood up and took the accountability hit. Just like his fellow Democrat Senator Al Franken before him. Looking at the GOP side of the equation

…let’s just say most of them voted for a guy accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women, paying hush money to an adult film star during his first campaign and saying he’d date his own daughter…twice.

I think we can do without the opportunistic outrage of a Trump supporter on this issue.

He resigned…shut.the.hell.up.

Look, when you get what you want, just…show some class. Have a little grace. That’s hardly the time to take a victory lap.

I daresay we might have a little larger population in the center of the American political spectrum if we could just stop beating the horse once it dies.

That’s all.


5 thoughts on “Dis-Grace

  1. Or being intolerant. Or generalizing an entire groups of people. Like, how many stupid half of Americans are enjoying $4 gas, double digit inflation, no foreign policy, food selling by the ounce like gold, now hiring signs everywhere because it pays better not to? If it had been my bar I would have shown them my middle finger and the business docs. Unless of course they were stupid enough to call the place “Nig*ers With India Pale Ale”. Bending over for socio/economic blackmail (no pun intended) is bullshit. Misogynists should swing, yes. But faced with no choices it’s often down to the devil you know.

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    1. Yes, yes, and YES.
      Why do we think the devil we know is the most rightest choice when it comes to politics? Like back in ‘16, the GOP field looked nowhere near the position they were in today with the overwhelmingly large and vocal Never Trump faction. Yet, once he was their candidate, they just reversed course. Why is it that whoever the party nominates is immediately superior to the opposition when they aren’t even remotely qualified? Meanwhile in that same year, we had the Bernie Brats who refused to vote at all because their preferred candidate didn’t get the nom and still others who went with protest votes for Stein or “What’s Aleppo?” Johnson.
      What if the first and most important qualifier for ones vote wasn’t their party or gender or race…but are they qualified for the job? Likewise, with our other actions, what if we asked ourselves whether we were doing something that was *right* before acting and ending up doing something because it felt good or was a means to getting what we want? Those folks banging the cultural appropriation drum after the problem was solved had an opportunity to put the next plank on the bridge toward a middle ground, but instead decided to be jerks instead because it was an outlet for a lifetime of similar passive race grievances. Seeing that behavior probably won’t really inspire others to correct unintentional instances of offense in the future. It’s reinforcing the “It’s always something with *you people*” or “Nothing I do will make a difference” apathy in our culture versus encouraging a collaborative approach to this huge issue.
      When I was reading the thread initially, I kept flashing to the Dave Chapelle skit about reparations – which was a hilarious and ridiculous spoof on the Black relationship with money. I’m sure that if we ever did find a way to make reparations – and I doubt we will, but what if we taxed the rich and used that to offset Blacks not paying income taxes for the following ~150 years? – it wouldn’t be a balloon payment or even financial like in the skit, but a matter of compensation or programs over time. All I could think of after seeing this behavior was people complaining that they wanted it all up front because that’s what they wanted. Fuck everything and anything else because the attitude would be “It only counts as reparations if it’s exactly what I want”…except this bar owner did exactly that and the people who got exactly what they wanted still bitched.
      No grace. The United States of Adolescents…🤦🏽

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  2. Amen. What if someone qualified took the job, the hell with who’s blowing who, hired or appointed other qualified people instead of convenient hacks… we trade Trump’s brand of ineptitude for another bunch that’s more incestuous than a Fleetwood Mac reunion. And the “if I might not win I won’t play” bullshit… God help us all.

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  3. The everyday struggles of everyday living in the unique homeland of democracy and freedom? Dream on…and on…and on. Someday, hopefully, we’ll all wake up and discover it was indeed a hellish nightmare! 😉 Naked hugs!

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