A Few Ruined Things

Ok, let me be clear…this is about ruined names, not things.

Forever ruined.

Not because of traumatic occurrences in my personal life, no. Not because of a bad dating experience or anything cool dramatic like that.

Because of movies. Maybe also TV.

Like Kenny.

Can you hear that name without thinking something like “You bastard!” afterward? For that matter, from that same show, Kyle gets an honorable mention since I hear it and some expletive invariably pops into my head.

Probably one of the earliest examples of a name being ruined for me is from Home Alone.

Sorry to all the other – and actually real – Kevins, but you’ll never be as loved or neglected as poor Macaulay Culkin in this movie.

An unusually high occurrence of names that start with a K in this phenomenon, eh? Well, just wait…I’m moving on, backwards in the alphabet.

…to the earliest instance of a name being ruined for me.

Oddly, it was ok when Ed was introducing the host of The Tonight Show as my age approached double digits. But The Shining ruined it for me. When I hear Johnny, I hear Jack.

And then there’s the most guttural of my name adjacent mental responses.


I cannot hear that name without hearing her scream “Joooooooosshh!”

Every. Damn. Time.

What the heck is wrong with me?

A Few Ruined Things

6 thoughts on “A Few Ruined Things

    1. OMG. I’m so there, and my pickled Swiss cheese brain forgot to mention that was the name that started this self-own idea tickling my creativity. The owner of the restaurant on my block is named Daren and I wondered to a friend last night why we never called him “Durwood”! God love Endora.

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  1. I do remember a student that I once had who’s name sign were the initials of his first and last names. In his case, it was “VD.” Although before my time, I do remember some of my colleagues discussion of this situation outside the classroom. Buddy, you are NOT alone in this world! 😉 Naked hugs!

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    1. Oh, no! That was an unfortunate choice by him to use his initials…although, knowing college aged boys he was probably proud of the awkward association! 😂
      Conversely, there’s some old superstition (that’s not the right word, but calling it an old wives tale seems wrong in our post #MeToo society) that claims that if your initials spell a word, you’re bound for wealth. I’d take that over VD, for sure!

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