Ire, A’ight?

Here’s what I’m mad about today:

As I’ve been riding around town lately, I’ve started seeing what I’ve been reading in the news manifesting.

Higher gas prices.

I’m still paying $3.85/gallon at my secret squirrel fuel shop. Around town, though, I’m seeing higher prices.


Sometimes it’s $4.10, others $3.95…and still others closer to $4.25 or $4.50.

Yesterday I saw $5.10! Ironically, this was at a Shell station located across the street and half a block away from another Shell station, where the gas was $.60 cheaper.

It’s like there’s no rhyme or reason.


That inconsistently part I mentioned earlier? Yeah…the higher prices are in parts of town that are historically known as economically depressed or predominantly Black.

Oooh, that pisses me off.

Ire, A’ight?

9 thoughts on “Ire, A’ight?

  1. The strange thing here is gas is usually less expensive in the outer burbs than the inner ones. Some of that may down to the proprietors. If Ashuk won’t take a debit card for less than five bucks, you can bet he’s gouging Jose for gas.

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    1. I know…that’s gotta feel terrible. Avoidable by not buying their gas, and I hope that shoddy ethical behavior would harm their business, but it’s still got to feel crappy that someone even tries to exploit ones community. I know the feeling of frustration I get whenever I have to buy gas away from my usual place, where it’s so cheap. Even though it’s only twenty-five cents more a gallon, it irks me, so I’ll buy less and fill up later.

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