…and I’ve probably just created one by riffing on the word shortcuts.

You know what they are, where you can program your text app’s spellcheck to send a message with a few keystrokes. For me, the big win was typing “omw” into a text field to yield a message of “On my way!”

Apparently, it works as a shortcut across all apps…

So I’ve got that going for me.

The flip side, though, I’d rather more annoying.

Somehow, my spellcheck has “learned” new words based on frequent fat-finger occurrences. I’m forever sending messages with “I’m” in place of the intended word “in”, yet oddly not vice-versa.

Most annoyingly?

My autocorrect randomly changes my name to “Chrus” after a decade of fat-fingering the “u” instead of the “i” when typing my own damn name. Actually, that was the second most annoying thing. The apex of irritation in this scenario is actually hitting the “u” when typing my name and spellcheck prioritizing the misspelling of my name over my actual name.


AI < actual intelligence. It’s just that actual intelligence is so rarely seen in the wild anymore.

At least I got a new portmanteau Chrisism out of the deal: shitcut. That should have broad application throughout my day-to-day life. 🥸🥸🥸


4 thoughts on “Shitcuts

  1. And there I was jumping in for a barber bash. Pardon me. Stylist. Anyway, this guy who cuts my hair – check this out – ex big shot broker investor Edward Jones exec now gay republican baptist music director – forget how he cut my hair the last time. One was so short it was almost a fade. i didn’t go back for nearly a year. Next to last time I got a modified (read that as thin and balding) MacGyver pseudo mullet. This time the back is blocked, the front so long that if it moves at all I look like a too-old boy band member or a mustache-less Hitler. With gray hair. To solve your problem can’t you go in and edit the dictionary and auto suggest, or have the phone Nazis locked us out to shame us? If you find out let me know. I have a nasty typing habit of hitting ; instead of ‘ and now a lot of my contractions think that’s OK.

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    1. Funny you should mention re-editing that short – er – shitcut. The Silver Fox just texted me that I need to re-learn him how to do it.
      My response?
      “Like I even remember how I got myself into this mess!”

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