A Christmas Wrap

As I sit listening to my favorite Christmas song ever for what is likely the final time of this year, I can’t help but pre-miss it. But it’s made an appearance or ten every year for the last 40, so I know it will be back for Christmas ‘22. Hopefully we all can say the same.

Waiting anxiously to hear Christmas Wrapping play for the first time each year is a much better tradition than Whamageddon. Which, not to brag…but I made it until December 17th this year before being sent to Whamhalla.

Hoping you and yours, wherever you are and however you choose (or choose to not) celebrate the season are happy and well. And together, if possible.

A Christmas Wrap

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Wrap

  1. Man, you missed Aretha Franklin’s O Christmas Tree, in bad traffic, in the get-toe leaving the Enchant light show. And the ensuing disrespectful C H R I S T M A S T R E E, , find out what it means to me sockitome sockitome sockitome…

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