The hermit – this old hermit – had a weekend. Make it a fucking weekend.

I’m exhilarated and exhausted from the experience. And a little bummed because I’ve been trying to write more with mixed results. I’ve got a goal to blog twice weekly and traffic is up, despite only hitting 75% of that goal using generous rounding. I have friends and a frustrated customer or two urging me to get away from blogging and channel my efforts toward another book.

Tough problems, no?

But here I am: Mixed Results Xtopher, grateful for both the encouragement and the distractions preventing success.

These distractions – or at least some of them – will appear in future posts. Until then, I will be humbled by the knowledge that as frantic and full as I feel like my life has been lately? I’d never have made it as a mother. My busy-ness pales in comparison to the nonchalant and uncomplaining accounts I hear from people who are the primary caregivers to young humans.

More on this later. Moron now. Namely: Me.


7 thoughts on “Bizzy

  1. He has no filters in the fit to print department. I’m waiting for the “ever have one of those days when after the sixth ‘wowser’ bowl filling trip you wonder where your body was hiding all that poo?”

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  2. Labor Day weekend is indeed the time to celebrate the holiday that honors all who have gone into Labor to produce young humans. How many times have I told you to write another book first? It will provide you with ready made material to post effortlessly about for as long as you want.

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