Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

I don’t want to get into the election in general, but over the past few weeks the ads have really become annoying.

Since I voted and was done with this election as of 10/25.

Still, the radio ads.

TV spots.

Political mailers – in my own and the Silver Fox’s mailboxes, so I get a double-whammy.

And the text messages!

But one ad bothers me in particular: Measure 114.

It’s a gun reform measure and the fear mongering from the opposition is strong. And obviously false.

Good lord, I cannot get a break, even when I’m therapeutically bitching about these pesky things!

The worst part is that they use the word “literally” by its new definition. Y’know, the one that’s a result of Stupid Americans breaking the dictionary? That result being that we literally have no word that means “literally” now, since it’s definition has been changed to include the misused meaning, ie: figuratively.

The spot that sticks in my craw is from a sheriff who does a good job of detailing the measure’s goals –

But then careens off to the right by saying that the law will stop you from owning a firearm “literally forever” because of the permitting and training requirements.

And you know the <ahem> target audience will eat that hyperbole up without giving the credibility that the language gives away a second amendment thought.

Give us strength. The Right is probably gonna win on this issue and take control of the House. Then America is going to devolve over the next two years into some sort of Dukes of Hazard demigoggery scenario with you-know-who playing Boss Hogg.

All because the GOP had the foresight to gaslight the Religious Wrong into following them into some sort of Stockholm Syndrome relationship while also underfunding public schools for generations until we’ve turned out enough idiots without the critical thinking skills to hear something and be able to say, “Nope, that sounds like bullshit”.

We’re probably all screwed. Thank gourd I watched Ted Lasso so I know how to properly express my feelings on this issue…


14 thoughts on “114

  1. I’m sick of the ads. Most are complete bullshit. Either side, any issue. The ones that kill me here in Redville are the begging, pandering, no holds barred lack of taste truckloads of dead schoolkids drug out for all to see from the left, who should know better. Not to mention the “elect me for change”. Like, for one, there is a magic wand a governor or anyone else can wave to stop gun ownership, protect everyone, lower taxes, lower bills, increase teacher and expand Medicaid all in the same breath. From a guy whose presentation is my RedBull is wearing off and I might need to pee. Holy fuck. And the right is there showing the opposition killing babies, killing border patrol agents, killing patriots. Offering to Uber illegals to my back yard. Which, really, isn’t so farfetched since they are camping in a friend of mine’s backyard just north of McAllen. Anyway, I voted last week, I’m sick of the vitriol and the anxiety and most of all the endless speculation by the talking head hair farmers we call the news. Vote. Get it over with already. If the Dems lose majority nothing much will happen because DC is DC, except we can kiss Pelosi goodbye. She and Aaron Rodgers both need to sit down…
    Excellent post. I’m all for more background checks and wait periods. However, paying the cops a fee is crap. “They” know more about us than we do.

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  2. On our ballot there were about a hundred (exaggeration) judges that we were supposed to decide to retain or vote against retention. I’m wondering how many people have any knowledge about even one judge, much less the hoard that was on the ballot. I make a feeble attempt to educate myself about the candidates (a hopelessly futile endeavor) and I even try to determine whether a yes vote on a proposition against a proposition for rescinding a formerly approved measure actually means I’m for it or against it. Voting has become like filing income taxes, way too complicated for the average simpleton like me. Additionally, as a socially liberal, fiscally conservative, ambivalent voter, voting the straight party line doesn’t work either. Mainly I vote against the obviously worst candidate more than voting for the less worse. And I can’t vote for someone who says they won’t respect the vote of an election they lose. I mean, why play at all if you’re going to disagree with the rules.

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  3. lanie belluz says:

    Unless they intend to find some budget to pay for the database to be built and hire extra officers to maintain it and enter information into it then that’s not going to fly.

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    1. Sadly, that’s the reason it *should* fail, but the reason it will fail (unless it doesn’t) will be manipulating idiots to vote it down through the usual “They’re coming for your guns!” fear mongering. That’s not ok.
      And if it does pass? Then it’s their job to create the infrastructure to meet the will of the people and fund it. People forget what voting is about. We’ve turned it into an exercise in popularity contests that should have been left at the Prom Queen ballot box, not used to determine how our governments are run.
      BTW, is that Southern Sarah Palin gonna win? Looked like she was last time I checked. 🙄

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