6 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. However I did unload, dolly and move a leather love seat from a van parked ass up face down on a steep driveway, into the house over three thresholds and set up. By myself. I learned to move pianos from an ancient, wiry black man who could load, unload and set up an expensive grand piano by himself. Like the different but same guy who taught me at the age of 12 how to empty a boxcar of 2 x 12 lumber. Never lift or carry anything you can slide, and the simple geometry of leverage. But sometimes, at 70, I think “Fuck. This.”

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    1. I miss hearing people talk about what they learned from older generations, it just doesn’t happen enough these days. I think “Fuck. This.” is their default starting point.
      So I really loved this comment. I’m putting a gold star on your Geezer Card and giving it back!

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