Happy BDay, Oregon!

She looks pretty good for 164, dontcha think? And I love how she’s not so set in her ways – unlike me, still gendering genderless things – and can make progress toward being a better version of itself. <- I did it!

Anyway…that’s what’s going on in my world today, February 14th, 2023.

What’s everyone else up to? Anything exciting going on for you all today?

Ok, ok…before I get lambasted; yes, I know it’s Valentine’s Day.

So gross.

I’ll be marking the occasion the usual way, with my annual Valentine’s Day three-way. It’s practically my favorite day of the year!

Get over yourselves you big pervs…what other possible meaning could three-way have? At least for me.

Nope, for me, a three-way is me, Ben and Jerry.

Good times.

Happy BDay, Oregon!

3 thoughts on “Happy BDay, Oregon!

  1. Ice cream makes me fart. Or is that yogurt? I had a crush on some Magnum ice cream bars a few summers back. Cost me a pants size. I’m pretty sure alcohol and icecream are best reserved for drinks bought where the bar floor is sand, young people act like they understand Jimmy Buffet and barf off the pier.
    You are free to barf of the balcony but aim for the homeless. Valentine’s Day is one of those made up by the candy and cartels holidays anyway, but never tell that to a significant other as an excuse for not buying them a useless of fattening gift🤣

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    1. Leave it to you to crack me up over my own riff on once cream. 🤡
      And leave me thinking I need to get sand for the floor of my condo after reading your take on what I now realize are my favorite food groups. Myrtle would definitely endorse this plan, too. Luckily, she doesn’t read!


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