It’s Not That I’m Not Grateful…

But, really. The DMV has jumped the shark yet again.

First it was a fairly specific and isolated behavior I took issue with, not that I didn’t appreciate the logic behind it. States like Florida and Arizona began lengthening the timeframes of their driver licenses. In most cases it was a move from somewhere in the ‘hood of 3 or 4 year terms and they extended it to 7 years.

I get it. A lot of those drivers would die.

Good strategy for the long lines at the DMV. Not sure the practice itself doesn’t simply indict licensing people past a certain age.

Then I turned fifty-thrive.

Well, that dubious accomplishment of my persistent survival had nothing to do with it. It’s more a matter of the practice of driver licenses expiring on birthdays, regardless of the age the driver in question may be.

However, the great state of Oregon had adopted the whole extended validity practice. I knew this when I moved back in 2016 and got my license reissued. Well, learned it during that process. So it wasn’t a surprise that my license expired on my birthday last month.

Knowing this was coming down the pike, I spent some downtime in traffic researching how to go about renewing my license shortly after the first of the year – I know, such a planner, me…two weeks before it expired. Let’s not talk about me justifying using my phone while I’m the driver’s seat but not actively driving. Regardless, I went into the renewal situation fully expecting my proChristination would result in me having no license for several weeks, if not months.

Imagine my surprise when I finished – yes, still in traffic – filling out the online form and was told my license would be mailed to me within two weeks.

I was fully expecting to be required to rub some unwashed elbows as part of the renewal process. Gourd knows, my eyes haven’t gotten any better over the past 7 years. Might be worth pulling me into the office just to keep a night-blind menace off the streets, right?

Not that I didn’t appreciate being able to dodge my age-induced camera shyness. Seriously, though…I no longer – regrettably – look like this strapping young fella:

Not that I don’t admit to looking like my own soap opera evil twin in that pic. I also appreciate that my looks – evil twin or not – held into my late 40s.

But now I look more like The Dude after a long week of getting by, man.

Best part? My new license expires in 2031…8 years from now.

Is the Oregon DMV expecting me to die before my new license expires? Gourd willing. I’ll keep you posted on that…

It’s Not That I’m Not Grateful…

7 thoughts on “It’s Not That I’m Not Grateful…

  1. I’m at the age of what they’re expecting… My reaction of late has been one of a sardonic ha! as I challenge myself to outlive my DL, debit card and two credit card expiration dates.
    Which reminds me of a car my wife owned where I replaced the water pump 4 times in two years. I finally asked the AutoZone person for one that’s lifetime warranty was my lifetime, not the part’s.

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      1. Over 35% of drivers in Texas are uninsured, and license free. They buy inspection stickers and paper tags in the parking lot of a taqueria. It’s so bad a cop got killed pulling over a fake paper tag and the politicians pretended to care about the root problem for about 4 hours. We do have a way to schedule renewals online, and get a text when they’re ready to take a new picture. But my picture is okay because I look like an aging bank robber or serial killer from Kansas.

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  2. I think if you can complete the renewal online, that is proof you are competent enough to drive. I always screw it up and they make me come in person. I am always paralyzed with fear because so many reasons exist for them to take my license away. But the bar is very low.

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