Now What?

After weeks of resisting – that manifested as me just clicking past the popup that wouldn’t die – I finally acquiesced and downloaded the much-ballyhooed Jetpack app.

And the first post I create is to complain about being forced to do so. That tracks for my grumpy old ass.

But, seriously…now what?

Do I delete the O.G. WordPress app or keep it?

Consult your nearest 20-something and get back to me.

Now What?

5 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Just delete WP on the iDevices and run Jetpack. It knows who you are after running it once. Since WP OG isn’t supported it’s digital dust. I’m sure this is the result of some kind of $ changing hands in the background so WP can bail on what it’s not good at like mobile apps. Which is my cynical old ass showing🙈

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  2. Oh, dear, is my WordPress account going to die the way Xanga did? I don’t use my phone for blogging, so I have no idea about how apps work. Let me know how it works for you. You are my link to the digital world!

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    1. I’m using Phil as my Subject Matter Expert, if you can believe that! 😂
      But if you’re using a computer interface, I think that will be just fine for you. Lucky. I stopped blogging on my laptop when blocks was rolled out. I should try it again, though…


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