And the anticipation is killing me. Figuratively, of course. I can’t wait to see how the shoes drop, though.

Here’s the deal, you know me and my winning free concert tickets, right? Well, if you don’t – trust me, it’s a thing. My thing. Just take a peek at my “Live Music” hashtag.

So, anyway, the local station I listen to – KINK – is having a ticket giveaway that they’ve dubbed KINKapalooza. Every week for three weeks, they’re giving away a pair of tickets to 10 different shows this summer. And there’s ~40 to choose from, so you can really tailor it to your (my, dammit…just putting that out there) schedule and taste.

The first winner (me, obviously) will be announced this morning. And yesterday afternoon I was going to their website to enter my keyword and saw this

I’ve been watching this show for months. And by watching I mean entering to win tickets – trust me, I’ve entered my ass off for tickets. Crowded House was a band that came into popularity my first year of college, so it was cool to discover a new band as a newly minted independent adult. Mind you, I was familiar with the brothers Finn’s first band, Split Enz, but only tangentially. When I heard Crowded House on the radio, they were both familiar and at the same time new and interesting. I bebopped my ass right down the the record store and bought their album on cassette.

Later, I bought it again on CD.

So, there I was…wondering if I should just wait out my original entries and the Monday or Tuesday email telling me I’d won Crowded House tickets or enter this Last Chance contest to possibly boost my chances of getting there.

Or as a third option, just wait to find out that I’d won the KINKapalooza tickets and make them one of my options. Right? Options, I had.

And then…it all came crashing down.

The realization of it all.

Thursday is May 4th, which, as a geek I celebrate as Star Wars Day. If it needs to be said, I’m not kidding.

Here’s where it gets messy in case you didn’t pay close attention to the Crowded House pic above, the show is Thursday, May 4th.

Because I come by my nerdiness honestly, though, I’d also accepted a sibling invite to go on a May the Fourth Be With You pub crawl with my good brother, my sister and her hubster.

In Bend.

Now, obviously, I’m going to that fucking pub crawl, right?!? My sibs trump free concert tix. Even for such a formative – you thought I’d say seminal, dincha? – band for my nascent (at the time) musical tastes.

But just watch me win direct tickets. It’ll be a real Sofie’s Choice, but I’ve already thought it out and decided the sibs are the no-brainer choice.

But since the pub crawl ends at 8 and concerts always start late, I’ve got to go look up plane tickets from Bend to Portland on the 4th. Maybe I can get one with a Luke Skywalker flight attendant.

As long as Harrison Ford isn’t the pilot…


11 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Hey now Hey now-ow, there comes a time (age) where geezers and certain dangerous in the best of hands mechanical devices must sadly dream it’s over. Scares me just to think some 80+ year old is driving a Suburban on the freeway, much less flying.
    Aside – Gotta love West Coast radio station call letters. I recall “KOME while you drive” in the SF Bay area. And back then they had the greatest (possibly illegal if used as other than display) swag.

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