Fitfy:  49.5

The Silver Fox tries to be supportive.  He follows up on my gym invites with a text to confirm I still want to go.  Sometimes he even proposes a time.

Silly Fox.

Ok, so it was my intent to go after work on this Sunday.  It really was!  But after a 12 hour day, a beer just sounded better.  Pretty much this last week was downhill from there.

My goal for the week was to complete two cardio sessions, two full body workouts and one yoga…class?  I’ve been pretty committed to back to back gym days on my days off since kicking off this initiative.  These last two weeks, though…they’ve got me batting 600 on that goal.

Sports analogies.  Not really my strong suit.

Fridays are my opportunity day.

The day to kick start an active weekend, my days off being Friday and Saturday.

Well, the last two weeks, my opportunity days have been…well…opportunities.

That Silver Fox.

Last week, when my back was hurting me?  He was as supportive as ever when I said I was planning a “down day”, telling me that I deserve a day on the couch watching movies after as many hours as I work.

His support works both ways.

It’s kind of exciting.

Yesterday, though, he did give me some tougher love on the whole “couch situation” but ultimately did not judge me when I failed to drag my Michael Douglas ass to the gym.

But, he rallied me this morning for a post coffee trip to the gym, declaring last night that he was coming to coffee dressed for the gym.

And that was my salvation for the week.

On my goal, I managed to get one cardio sesh and one full body workout in.  I still managed to get plenty of steps in at work, logging 29.9 miles of schlepping around the airport.  It was also feeling pretty damn tropical at the airport this week, so whenever I found myself pushing some stock between stores or breaking into a pallet of stock I was guaranteed a decent moistness quotient for my efforts…but it’s just not the same level of reward as grinding it out at the gym.

I really need to work on that.

Whatever my physical activity shortcomings may have been this week, they pale in comparison to the lack of discipline I applied to my diet.  One of the things that I like about taking sandwiches in from home for my lunch is that I’m not really tempted to over eat at the food court.  I also tend to spend a lot less during the week.  Last week I spent $400 on coffee, snacks and meals out.  The week prior, when I had taken sammies for lunch, I spent less than half of that for the entire week.  It’s crazy, I even found that I was skipping buying coffee at work, which is a $5 endeavor per each episode.  And there’s not even a cute barista working there anymore.  Well, there’s that one guy…but he’s so tall.

Sadly, my lazy ass didn’t make sandwiches once this week.

Here’s a lowlight on the dietary front for last week:

Yesterday, I woke up and made a PB&J – because I’m basically a toddler that drinks – for breakfast before going to coffee with The Fox.  At coffee, I had an iced quad shot filbert latte.

That’s right, I’m from Oregon, where we call hazelnuts filberts.


After coffee, we both had appointments.  There was still time for me to get an hour of cardio in before my appointment, but I didn’t.  I went walking around the Pearl with The Fox, instead.

But I didn’t get a bagel while we were out walking around.  So…there’s that?

bing-miI had to run home and get some insurance information before my appointment.  While I was rooting around in my hallway table, I found my unfinished snack from the prior evening’s ride home:  red licorice!  That paired nicely with a diet coke on the walk to my doctor’s office.

Afterward, I figured I was so close to the food carts that it would really be taking them for granted not to go.  However, my favorite food cart in Portland was only seven blocks away, so I hoofed it up there…arriving at 12:02.  FML.

But, so. worth. it.

I walked my little Bing Mi baby home and ate it on the couch while watching some 30Rock.

the-best-cheese-popcorn-everThen, really feeling that 30Rock vibe, I ate an entire bag of the best cheesy popcorn ever.

I was – and I’m not kidding here – just killing time before meeting up with a friend for Happy Hour.  She had suggested a sushi place up on Mississippi Ave as a meet up location.  I’m not wild about sushi – at all – so I had countered with any alternate location, especially since I didn’t plan on being hungry for a couple of days after what I had just done to myself.

Linda Belcher’s alternative to sushi was to lose a temporary crown and spend the rest of the afternoon in a dentist’s chair.  She really knows how to have a good time.

Which was good, because:  full.


I had said something to The Silver Fox about dinner after my happy hour with Linda Belcher.  Secretly, I wasn’t even hoping he would let it go for the day if I didn’t bring it up again.

Lucky me, The Fox knows fat, old Xtopher well…he knows when to drop the gym and when not to drop food adventures.

My Needle Man had suggested a new Chinese Street Food restaurant a few weeks back, even – I think – suggesting we go after my appointment one night.

He’s Chinese, so I take his recommendation seriously.

He, on the other hand, takes his Tai chi instructor’s Chinese restaurant recommendations seriously, since the guy lived in Beijing.

Somehow, there’s a transitive property win there.

I didn’t go, but I future filed it for later.


Well, a few days back, this same restaurant – I guess I can type the name, it’s not a secret – Danwei Canting came up on another blog that I follow.  This writer had also lived in Beijing, so…shit was getting real around this place.

This was the adventure that I had mentioned to The Fox earlier in the day.

danwei-cantingAnd did we go?

Yes, yes we did.

Did I order a side and two entrees all for myself?

Yes, yes I did.

And a beer.

Which ended up being a 22 oz.

God bless Portland.

I left one, teensy morsel uneaten on one plate, just for the sake of propriety.

Then The Fox and I came back to my place and watched a few episodes of our latest binge, Quantico and had one more beer before calling it a night.

Yeah, the week might have been a fitness loss, but I’d say if Friday was any indication of the overall quality of my week…well, yeah…it was a fuck, yeah week!

Praise Cheeses I went to the gym today.


Fitfy:  49.5