I love this fucker, no ifs ands or buts.eeyore

Now, there’s an inauspicious opening line…not sure I can do it justice.

One must push on, though…the curse of stream of consciousness writing.

Eeyore is this amazing character.  Ever the pessimist, rightly so it might seem.  Shit just never goes his way – his tail is tacked on, if he hasn’t somehow fully lost it and had it replaced with a poorly thought out substitute like an umbrella – or does it go his way and he just doesn’t acknowledge it?

Practically, I think it does.  Maybe he’s just aware that it’s the nature of things to change and that his good fortune could be fleeting.  Yeah, I think that wariness kind of captures my thoughts on this beloved character from one of my favorite stories growing up – and that’s from the guy who still has friends that call him Christopher Robin.

I often shorthand people by using Eeyore as an adjective, forgetting of course that this could easily be taken as a pejorative statement by folks who just don’t get Eeyore like I do.

Hi, my name is Chris, and I am an Eeyore. Continue reading “Eeyore”