The Red Shirt Diaries #4

Can you spot the fake?

img_1524 Tooth.

Myrtle tried to kill me Sunday night.


Which is why this is the 4th edition of TRSD and not the 3rd.  I described her prior attempt in another blog post – maybe Mercury Poisoning? nonono…it’s this one, but Mercury Poisoning is still a pretty fun read on everything that can possibly go wrong in my life – so I retired TRSD #3 in acknowledgment of her previous efforts.

Plus, who would have thought my near death reporting would need to come so soon on the heels of issue 2?

But this wasn’t a dream where I died or my acceptance of the potential to die being hit by a car going the wrong way on a one-way street.

This was my pet tolling the bell.


You’d think she’d show a little gratitude for buying her – after months of considerable effort to find her an palatable option – the good stuff.

Or scooping her litter box.

And if not gratitude, at least a little subtlety.

No, no Myrtle. Continue reading “The Red Shirt Diaries #4”

The Red Shirt Diaries #4