It’s Been 7 Hours and 15 Days…

…since he took their lives away.

I was texting with The Silver Fox when it happened.  We were removed from the tragedy by 3000 miles and three time zones, but here we were texting as dawn broke in Portland, Oregon.

It turns out neither of us could sleep.  Situational for him, hardly surprising for me.

I had gotten home from work a few hours earlier.

Hung out and detoxed for a bit.

Couple beers.

A few episodes of 30Rock.

Quite a life I’ve carved out for myself:  all Netflix, no chill.

That’s not completely true…I do ok.

Anyway, I texted the Fox preemptively, knowing his doggy daddy routine had him up an hour later.  I was giving him a hard time about not texting me too early, since it was 5:00 am and I was just turning in.  Normally, he waits until 8 to text regarding our coffee plans.  Sometimes I’ll restrict him til 9…this was looking like at least a 10.

Occasionally, I’ll watch the final minutes run out and await his morning salutation.  Other times, I’ll text him at 7:57.

Because I can.

Also, I’m a dick.

With a friend as good and true as the Fox – and many others like him – I realize that I do have quite a life.

Much as I like to downplay that awesome reality.

To my surprise, he replied almost immediately.  Apparently, he couldn’t sleep. Continue reading “It’s Been 7 Hours and 15 Days…”

It’s Been 7 Hours and 15 Days…