The C.R.S. Chronicles #6

Is it reasonable to consider changing my name to reflect my cognitive decline peccadillos? I’m thinking something along the lines of Otto Pilot.

Here’s a simple example of why:

Little actions we all take for granted, almost reflexive tasks, like…oh, turning on a light switch when you enter a room. Sounds simple enough, right?

Why should we put too much brain power behind that action?

Maybe just enough thought should go into it to make sure it’s not a room you left minutes before – like ones bathroom, because you thought to yourself, “I’m coming right back in to put stuff in my hair after I put on shoes”.

Smash cut to me standing in front of my toilet in the dark a few minutes later because I walked in and hit the light switch without thinking even about it on my way to take a leak.

The C.R.S. Chronicles #6