Too Soon?

Is it too early for me to be experiencing the Dog Days of Summer?

Regardless, it’s been a lazy day here at Chez Galby. So far, I’ve accomplished two things today:

First) Fed and watered the plants, which are angry about the recent Portland sun…curling leaves and droopy blossoms. Quite a protest happening on my balcony.

My plants are so passive-aggressively Portland.

Second) I made my way to Powell’s. I’d been intending to go tomorrow after the weekend crowds died off, but I read about The Samurai’s Garden on a blog I follow and was motivated to go sooner. Even though their inventory thought they had three in stock, none were locatable.

I rewarded myself with the original reason for my trip, so the swarms of people were semi-worth it.

Oh, and the menses (Chrisism) that were there.

Woof, I say.

Isn’t that picture just an OCD nightmare?

Somewhere in there, I managed to feed myself.


I think I’m done eating for the remainder of my life.

I went into the weekend pretty excited and motivated. I’d been alternating walks/hikes and rides all week and was looking forward to maintaining that through the weekend. Friday was a 10 mile hike and Saturday I completed a 20 mile ride before having drinks in the afternoon with a new friend.

I went to bed excited about seeing Major Barbara tonight with a group of friends. While I was out and about today, we were able to finalize our pre-show meet up.

Show-nanigans, if you will.

Still, a fairly low key day so far when compared to what my intent was for the day. My original list included:

– Completing a mini-workout at home this morning.

– Afternoon hike.

– Dishes.

– Filing my unemployment claim.

– Perusing open jobs.

– Writing.

I got word from the Oregon Unemployment Division last week that my claim was rejected, which I expected from my employer. I wasn’t expecting it from the state itself, though, but am not surprised based on the lemon of a state employee I got to explain my situation to a couple weeks back. Nonetheless, I’ve put in my appeal and am backpedaling on some future financial plans I had been making…it’s just put me in an ambivalent funk about the whole work thing. It bothers me when inept people have jobs and I don’t.

Sadly, the lottery was no help last night.

There’s a pre-draft-notion I’m mentally kicking around about my departure from my last job. I think I’m not quite ready emotionally yet, so if you’re curious about that…just wait longer.

My laptop has also chosen this moment in time to go tits up, making the job search more challenging since I’m doing it from my phone. Writing is fine on my phone – blogging, I should clarify. I’d just started a new folder on my laptop fleshing out a book idea. I don’t think I could successfully scribble out a novel on my phone, so that’s on hold, dropping $800-1300 on a new laptop definitely is not in my immediate financial future.

I feel like I owe myself more of a blog post for the day than this in order to really consider that last point checked off my To Do for the day. I’ve been kinda burned out on writing lately, I’m up to 20 drafts again and that always erodes my motivation. But then I got some really encouraging praise in a comment on my BikeTown post and my motivation began to stir.

Maybe after this lil missive, I’ll listen to some music to recharge my mojo, knock off the few dishes, do my unemployment claim and take a peek at open jobs while my phone charges and then head out on an extended walk around the Esplanade before meeting up with Little Buddy and the gang.

Wish me luck!

Oh, gawd…the Chipotle is starting to kick.

Better really wish me luck now!

Too Soon?

5 thoughts on “Too Soon?

  1. It bothers me when inept people have jobs and I don’t. – You watched any youtube product demos/’reviews” how-tos on You Tube in the last 10 years? Get over that shit. Now. The “everybody’s a winner” generation is out there now. And as a society we have abdicated the running of our society to people named Ron and L’Ronda and a fat guy with a better nail job than Madonna, wearing a double knit suit that fit when anybody gave a shit about Regis. Sound of gum – “Sorry. Can’t help yew. Next.” The whole country is run like a post Office Counter or Target checkout. 43 registers. Two open. Saturday, noonish.

    I live in Texas. Nothin’ in Chipotle that will hurt you save the Chipotle stuffing itself. How many times to they have to kill somebody with their food to get your attentiuon? Gay people in Portland don’t watch the news? Don;t tell me you ran out and bought some Romaine because you heard people in 37 states were barfing their intestines out…

    Pissy. yeah, I’ll own it. YOU see a wekend coming where you might get something done qand end up looking at two cupcakes baked by the devil called grankids for the weekend. I was tempted to eat Chipotle yesterday just to make it stop…

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    1. I was literally laughing out loud while reading this. I’m still randomly chuckling.
      I thought romaine was the new diet craze…c’mon goal weight!
      I kid. I don’t have an actual goal weight. But I *am* still mad at my fitness app for trying to tell me I burned nearly 1.1 million calories in two days and still waking up with a Dunlap.

      Liked by 1 person

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