Sleep Deprived Thoughts…

Billy Joel has been creeping into my Pandora cycle more and more frequently. Never a bad thing, really.

That said, I woke up at 5 the other morning and resigned myself to remaining conscious, I popped on my Sonos and there he was. My groggy brain had some input as the song played out.

Myrt was stretched out, purring between my crossed legs, so I just started blabbing to her. Color commentating on the song as it went along.

Now, Bill is a real estate novelist

What the hell is that?

Does real estate need to be novelized? You might be able to stretch a novella out of it, but I’m pretty sure the main real estate collateral consists of fliers and pamphlets.

Who never had time for a wife.

Likely story.

And he’s talking to Davey


Who’s still in the Navy


And probably will be for life.

Myrtle, Bill and Davey are gay.


Myrtle gives me a look that suggests I need better hobbies. Or at least hobbies that are less disturbing.

That Billy Joel, man. What a storyteller, eh, Myrt.

<slow blink>

Sleep Deprived Thoughts…

6 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived Thoughts…

  1. Great job, buddy! I did chuckle over this one but I do have a question to ask of you: Exactly how much did you drink last night? I mean no offense because you already know that I am a fan of your site and writing style, I’m just honestly curious. Naked hugs!

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    1. Haha. If I was offended by questions like that, I’d probably drink more! But, I had a few beers. Nothing law enforcement would frown upon.
      I’m glad to see you back around WordPress. I missed you!

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  2. Then there’s “me” and Julio, down by the school yard, skipping along the cobblestones and feeling groovy. Makes you wonder when Paul changed sides to marry Edie. But hey, I know this guy, went high school with. All the chicks thought he was dreamy. Not to be immodest but a year behind me and he got my leave behinds. Never got married because he thought he was as dreamy as the chicks. There are mutterances regarding his lifestyle but he was always a full blown narcissist. I say he never found that special someone he could share a bathroom mirror with. From either side of the fence. Androgyny is tightrope. What was it Seinfeld said? I’m healthy, attractive, employed, well dressed and single in my 30s but that does NOT make me gay. I went to school with guy, and he stayed that way. Maybe.


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